Curate the Campus 2013: WILDLIFE

LEAP is a Lancaster-based platform for early career artists and creative individuals to share the ideas, skills and knowledge to make things and make things happen. They produce, curate, develop and share emerging creative practices with a focus on live, interdisciplinary and collaborative work.

WILDLIFE is a project by LEAP associate artist Lani Irving, working with the photographer Matthew Fleming.

'Throughout 2012, renowned urban explorer Dr. Lani Irving conducted a series of trips in the North of England to study the rare and peculiar creatures found there, making a series of discoveries, which baffled the zoological community.

In October 2012, Dr. Irving’s creatures were spotted on the Lancaster University campus and fellow adventurer Matthew Fleming took photographs of the newly discovered species.'

Visit the Making Time Garden by the Peter Scott Gallery garden between 29 April – 10 May to see photographic evidence of the uncanny Wildlife that once inhabited it.

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Image copyright: Matthew Fleming