Dance Cuts 2008

Ludus Dance


Ludus Dance, in partnership with the Nuffield Theatre, is proud to present Dance Cuts 2008. This annual showcase celebrates the work of established and emerging artists from across Lancashire, and promises to be an inspiring and diverse evening of dance.

‘We are delighted to provide a platform for dance artists from across the region in this dynamic annual dance event. Dance Cuts provides really important exposure for up and coming artists and is the place where you might see the stars of tomorrow!’ Hannah Robertshaw, Ludus Dance.

Highlights this year include an innovative piece from Victoria Macarte which combines film and live dance to create an atmospheric and poetic performance on the theme of memories and desires. Will Thorburn presents a short piece in the Brazilian Capoeira dance form set to Samba music which is a high energy mix of athleticism and martial arts. JMUpstart, a group from John Moores University, return this year with choreographer Paula Hampson’s presentation which explores our compulsion with shopping and the lure of consumerism.

Image 1 credit: Falling Apart at the Seams by Mark Edward & Company. The performer in the photo is Mark Edward.

Image 2 credit: Dominique Bulgin in Sap Dance's The Saturated Moment at Dance Cuts 2006

Saturday 3 May 2008 @ 8pm.

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Ludus Dance