Documentation Art

In this exhibition, LICA PhD student Hyeyoung Maeng will present her video art: “Documentation Art.” Her video project explores the boundaries between film and painting, and develops an original approach to the presentation of process. This practice makes painting’s invisible work visible, and reveals the normally hidden process of painting, a process which is imperceptible when audiences view only the final painting.

“Documentation Art” is based on the practice of Bunche painting, which is a Korean painting technique using powder pigments mixed with water glue on Korean paper in multiple layers. This project is related to the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s ‘process ontology,’ and Henri Bergson’s ‘theory of memory.’ As Deleuze writes, we are not defined by fixed ideas and selves, but set in motion in time with endless changes. The digital documentation of the process of Bunche painting is associated with Deleuze’s ‘time-image’ in relation to pure virtuality, intuition, and the memory of everyday life.

In the show, four Documentation Art pieces are being screened with different settings. Some of them are combined with the video-textile sculpture “Big Bracelets,” which consists of everyday life objects and eight DVD players.

Event Details

Hyeyoung Maeng


11am - 5pm: 30 June - 1 July.
LICA Building Installation Space: A23