Exhibition – A Matter of Age? The Peter Scott Gallery Collection

This free exhibition will run from 8 November to 16 December, 12-4pm, weekdays in the Peter Scott Gallery.

Does the age of the artist matter when we look at a work of art? Young British Artists. Grand old men. Early works. Late works. We build narratives about youthful innovation, peak of a career or declining creativity – or alternatively, about a distinctive ‘late style’ which looks to the future. Stereotypes around age and ageing can seep into how we look at art and these perceptions can reinforce how we think about ageing.   

A Matter of Age? invites you to question your perceptions of ageing and of what it means to create art, with our rich and varied collection as a starting point. Traditional organising principles are abandoned and instead works are clustered according to the age of the artist at the time of production.  Join us as we ask how age impacts on our perceptions of the artworks in front of us, and on our preconceptions about age and creativity.   

Jacuzzi Conversations (November 21 – 26): We will be hosting two Queer artists at different stages of their lives, Jez Dolan and Garth Gratrix in a week-long residency in the gallery (some of which will take place in a jacuzzi). They will also be considering ideas in preparation for a new exhibition in 2023. What sparks ideas in the creation of new work? How do ideas flow? Come and have a listen, or better yet, contribute. This is just the place for eureka moments!  

Access information: The Peter Scott Gallery is wheelchair accessible. There is a working chair lift to the upper floor suitable for non-motorised wheelchairs (150kg max) which we are working to update as soon as possible. 


  • 08 Nov - 16 Dec 2022


  • Peter Scott Gallery
  • Peter Scott Gallery
    Lancaster University
    Lancaster. LA1 4YW

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  • Image credit: Image Credit: Terry Frost, Walking Down The Quays, St Ives, 1954 © estate of Terry Frost. All rights reserved, DACS 2022. Photo credit: Peter Scott Gallery
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