Exhibition: Objects in Ritual

Objects in Ritual: Share your stories and help us create a unique exhibition 

How do we give objects meaning? All kinds of objects might take on a ritual significance. Rituals may be a series of repeated actions, endowed with particular meanings. They might be deeply personal, communal or global, quirky or serious, centuries old or recently invented or even, imagined or virtual. They contribute to our sense of belonging and identity, bringing us together but also setting us apart.  

Help us co-create our spring exhibition of objects that connect us with rituals, from the everyday to the spiritual. Together, we will fill the gallery space with a growing display of objects drawn from our collection, lent to us or created to mark the launch of our 2023 theme, Ritual. We invite you to contribute to an exciting exhibition of ritual objects by lending us your own, complete with their stories.  


We are interested in: 

  • Objects connected to rituals in your every day life 
  • Objects connected with rituals associated with faith and religious practice 
  • Objects connected with seasonal rituals or the marking of particular life events 
  • Objects connected with memories of family rituals or remembering loved ones 
  • Objects connected with the rituals of particular clubs, societies, teams or organisations 
  • Any other kind of ritual significance you can think of! 


We would love to borrow your actual objects to display during the exhibition, and we will make sure the display is supervised at all times to keep the objects as safe as possible. However we realise this may not always be possible or practical, so we are also interested to receive photographs of your objects, in hard copy or digitally. 


How to get involved: 

  • Come along to a free workshop at the Peter Scott Gallery, 2-4pm, on 9, 16 and 17 February, bringing your object or image, to take part in creative activities led by artists and Lancaster Arts staff. Follow these links to find out more about the workshops: 9 February: Will Dickie, 16 February: Lowri Evans, 17 February: Alison Clough.
  • Bring along your object or image during installation week, 6-10 February, 12-4pm, or email gallery@lancasterarts.org to arrange another time. We’ll ask you to complete a short form telling us about you object, and give you some paperwork to show that we have borrowed your object for the exhibition. 
  • Bring along your object or image to add to the display during exhibition opening hours from 13 Feb – 17 March.
  • Join in the celebration on Tuesday 28 February, 5:30-7:30pm at the Peter Scott Gallery



  • 13 Feb - 17 Mar 2023
  • Image credit: Lowri Evans
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