Evidence for the Existence of Borrowers

In 2002, Kazuko abandoned her lucrative career as a research chemist to set up the Borrowers International Network, to find evidence for the existence of the small people who live under the floorboards. For the past three years, Kazuko and her BIN colleagues have been working hard, promoting cultural exchange between Borrowers and human beans through their website www.borrowersreunited.com.

Now, BIN come to Lancaster to host a special interactive installation and presentation which explores the unique world and culture of the Borrowers. Featuring a concert of Borrowers music played on Binstruments (reconstructed Borrower instruments), and The Borrowers Musical Box.

Kazuko Hohki is a singer, musician, animator, director, performer and storyteller. She founded the pop group Frank Chickens and is currently the Nuffield Theatre's 'Time and Space' artist in residence.

Wednesday 30 November 2005 to Thursday 1 December 2005 @ 5pm, 7pm and 9pm

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Kazuko Hohki