Fairy Tale

In a deep, dark woodland far away is a hiding place no-one has ever found - except for a pair of extraordinary twins. No-one tells them to tidy up, wash their hands or go to bed. They exist on what they find, building fantastical inventions, playing tricks, squabbling, and falling in and out of trouble.

Performed in the round to get right up close to the action, Fairy Tale will delight both young and older audiences.

Workshop on Saturday 6 May: A fun and creative workshop for children aged 6 - 8 years and their parent, grandparent or carer to take part in together. Come along and explore movement, dance and storytelling with the performers before watching the show.

Commissioned by Nuffield Theatre Lancaster and Danceworks UK, funded by Arts Council England, Yorkshire and the Lloyds TSB Foundation.

Friday 5 May 2006 to Saturday 6 May 2006 @ 7pm performance (5 May) 12 noon Workshop (6 May) 1.30pm performance (6 May)

Event Details

Vincent Dance Theatre