FestQFringe: What are the roots of conflict and sectarianism in the Middle East?

[This is a FestQFringe event presented as part of Lancaster Arts' Festival of Questions 2.2.16-20.2.16]

"The Middle East appears to be always "in crisis", as war and sectarian conflict spread across the region. What are this roots of this devastating violence? Are "age-old" antagonisms between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims to blame, or are other factors at work?".

Speaker: Anne Alexander

Anne is co-author, with Mostafa Bassiouny, of Bread, Freedom, Social Justice: Workers and the Egyptian Revolution (2014) and a founder member of MENA Solidarity Network http://menasolidaritynetwork.com/

This event is presented by Lancaster & Morecambe SWP.

Event Details

Approx 120 mins
Friends Meeting House

7pm to 9pm
Lancaster Quaker Meeting House