Glass Body

Glass Body (Reflecting on Becoming Transparent)

Glass Body is a performance Installation by Anna Furse, made in collaboration with Lucy Baldwyn (video), Graeme Miller (audio) and Marie-Gabrielle Rotie (performance).

This provocative event slips between testimony and reflection, emotion and medicine, flesh and technology to contemplate our abiding fascination with what lies under our skin.

In today’s culture the screen replaces touch and the naked eye. When it comes to our insides becoming digital spectacles, how do we feel about the sheer thrill of becoming transparent? Scientific and artistic portrayals of the human body overlap throughout anatomical history, with knife, brush and hands all shaping images from dissected corpses. With the invention of the X-ray, for the first time in human history, we could see into the living body.

Wednesday 21 February 2007 to Saturday 24 February 2007 @ 1.30pm, 4pm and 7.30pm

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