Gob Squad Masterclass

This is the third year of the Nuffield’s professional development masterclass programme. This autumn we have an exceptional programme led by three internationally celebrated performance companies: Lone Twin Theatre, Gob Squad and Station House Opera. The classes explore very distinct methods of making collaborative performance. Sessions are aimed at artists who want to develop their practice in new areas, and students and recent graduates beginning to define their practice outside of formal training.

Gob Squad's workshops and lectures draw on thirteen years of producing, making and performing. Gob Squad are moved by a desire to place the beautiful in the mundane, and they often site homemade magic and spectacle next to the banality of everyday life. Bringing together a range of high and low brow sources, their quoting of popular culture is both celebratory and ambivalent, highlighting a failure to fulfil the desires that culture fuels.

This masterclass for practitioners will focus on introducing participants to Gob Squad methodologies around site-related work, urban intervention, working collaboratively and interactive performance.

All masterclasses are 3 hours long. Places are limited, available only on a first come, first served basis. All sessions take place in the Nuffield Theatre complex. For more information,contact the box office or email alice@nuffieldtheatre.com

Tuesday 4 November 2008 @ 2pm-5pm

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Gob Squad