Hear Me Roar! 2016

Hear Me Roar! is a festival of feminist arts which takes place in four venues across Lancaster between the 8th – 12th March 2016.

Piloted in 2015 through Lancaster Arts City’s First Friday programme, the festival brought together 40 artists, 150 participants and 1,000 audience members over the course of one weekend.

In this festival we celebrate feminist art across the generations, in our Ages, Stages and Phases edition.  Across theatre, live art, music, dance and dancing, workshops, film screenings, a symposium, discussions and more…  Hear Me Roar! offers the possibility that change lies in all of us… no matter how young or old. 

Come and ROAR with us. 

The Hear Me Roar! steering committee is dedicated to championing equal opportunities and celebrating diversity and this is reflected in the festival programme.  

Hear Me Roar! is an independent festival in partnership with Lancaster Arts, Lancaster University's Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Friends Programme grant fund, and the Insight Research Centre (LICA). The festival is funded by Arts Council England.

Full details of the programme and are live on the Hear Me Roar! website 

Hear Me Roar! (2015) recognised that there isn’t a homogeneous “feminist” but a multiplicity of feminist perspectives that it found intriguing and wanted to reflect. That was the best thing about it.
Maddy Costa

Event Details

Hear Me Roar!


Tickets can be booked through the Hear Me Roar! Website. 

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Leo Burtin