In Residence

Time, space and money are perhaps the most valuable resources that can be given to an artist and our residency programmes tend to offer a combination of all of these elements. Some of the work in this display has been undertaken recently as part of the Live at LICA residency programme; it sits alongside residency-related material from the Peter Scott Gallery collection and objects from the Wordsworth Trust’s artist residency programme.  

Live at LICA’s residencies change, no two are exactly the same - it is the relationship between us and the artist that defines the shape of a residency - indeed much of the support we provide for artists could be described in terms of residency. Live at LICA is more than an exhibition space, concert hall and theatre, and our residency work has played a vital role in establishing who we are.  

Our 2013 Curate the Campus programme programme will run 29 April - 10 May and will feature a number of artist residencies. Sign up to our mailing list to receive further information.  

The artists featured in the exhibition are:  

  • Conrad Atkinson
  • Rebecca Chesney
  • Jeff Hoare
  • John Hoskins
  • Invisible Flock
  • Paul Kenny
  • Rob Kesseler
  • Simon Morley
  • Daniel Sturgis
  • Roy Voss    

This exhibition is one of a series of events and projects in an ongoing relationship between the Wordsworth Trust, Live at LICA and the English Department at Lancaster University.

Event Details

Exhibition Information

Free Entry to this Exhibition
25th January - 22nd March 2013
Free Opening Event: 6.30pm, 24 January

Held at Lancaster's Peter Scott Gallery 

Rebecca Chesney - Week of Dandelions - 2010