LICA MA Students: Seven Traces Contemporary Arts Festival

Seven Traces is the coming together of a group of diverse artists all studying at Lancaster University for an MA in Contemporary Art. These artists come from across the globe and boast a myriad of different experiences, skills and passions. Starting on 13th September seven artists will bring you a festival that showcases immense talent and a range of art forms from performance to painting, sculpture to sound art and much more.

Seven Traces refers to not only the seven individuals but also the notion that in any art piece there are multiple meanings, ideas and values to be taken. As human beings we leave our marks and footprints where we go, we strive to leave a legacy and a sense of our existence. Traces is symbolic of this desire to be remembered or simply acknowledged. If you wander deep through a forest you are struck by the thickness of the trees, the density of the environment surrounding you and the encompassing darkness but if you look close enough you can see where animals have trodden the earth, where rain has worn away at rocks or where plants have sprouted from the ground. In a time where culture can be seen as dense and as tangled as the forest, it can be difficult to have our voice heard or our impact seen but none the less we still leave a trace... and this is what the seven of us hope to achieve.


Friday 13th
6.00pm - 9.00pm: Opening night with drinks reception
All installations and gallery spaces open
Every hour: Dimitri Rastoropov’s audio tours
7.00pm: Laura Daglish’s workshop
8.00pm: Anna Wergeland’s Theatre performance `Romeo & Juliet in Sarajevo'

Saturday 14th
11.00am- 9.00pm: All installations and gallery spaces open
2.00pm, 4.00pm, 7.00 pm: Laura Daglish’s workshops
8.00pm: Anna Wergelands performance & after show talk
Every hour: Dimitri Rasoropov’s audio tours

Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th
11.00am- 5.00pm: All installations and gallery spaces open
Every 2 hours: Dimitri Rastoropov’s audio tours

Event Details

Seven Traces Contemporary Arts Festival

Lancaster University's MA Contemporary Art students present their Seven Traces Contemporary Arts Festival