Living Room and Cassettesac

'Living Room'

Pram has retreated to his living room to escape the pressures of contemporary living. 4 walls keep the outside world at bay. 6 suitcases contain his belongings. But a steady delivery of paper is flooding the room and it isn’t long before a different reality comes crashing in.


Pram has a cassette player attached to his chest that tells him what to do. It gives instructions, he follows, life is precise, just don’t ask questions. Through a tale of deranged social etiquette and acute manipulation, Johnothan Pram seeks to escape techno-seduction.

Influence and inspiration taken from Samuel Beckett, Captain Beefheart, Franz Kafka, David Lynch & Alvin Toffler.

Saturday 3 December 2005 @ 8pm

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Johnathon Pram