LUTG Presents: The Crucible

Lancaster University Theatre Group presents: The Crucible

“The Devil is alive in Salem mister Proctor, we must discover where he is hiding!”

When the puritan town of Salem discover evidence of witchcraft, a local group of young girls ensue panic by accusing innocent townspeople of compacting with the Devil. The town collapses into a state of hysteria and suspicion when the town’s most respected residents are able to be accused, tired and hanged; all from the word of a group of young women. Out of this frenzy, Arthur Miller tells the story of the individuals who played key roles in the Salem witch trials. John Proctor the respected farmer, Reverend Parris the corrupted Minister, and Abigail Williams the ruthless young woman. Through these stories based on real events, Miller’s classic play addresses how far individuals will go to protect their own interests, the blind faith we may put into systems of authority, and whether it is really possible to mark any one person as good or bad.  

Event Details

Approx 150 mins