Middle, End, Beginning: adventures in narrative

Middle, End, Beginning – adventures in narrative in contemporary theatre and performance.

This symposium draws out one strand of recent Nuffield programming: experiments with narrative in contemporary theatre. Papers and creative responses from artists, producers, writers and academics will explore some of the forms, structures, experiments and non-traditional narratives at play in a range of contemporary performance.

The symposium opens with a public performance of imitating the dog’s stunning show Hotel Methuselah (directed by Pete Brooks and Andrew Quick). The show, its collapsing narratives and some of the issues it raises will become a jumping off point for discussion around the following areas of practice and research:

Filmic narratives, devices and structures in contemporary performance

Walking and site as narrative

(Im)migrant narratives/stories of arrival

Interrupted narratives

Editing as narrative

Provisional programme includes: Richard Gregory (Quarantine), Dee Heddon (Glasgow University), Lena Simic (Performance artist), Carl Lavery (Lancaster University). Chaired by Matt Fenton (Nuffield Theatre).

Saturday 14 October 2006 @ 12.30pm (performance) 2.30pm (symposium)

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