Murray Wason: The Race (Curate the Campus 2012)

This project is one of 3 new digital/film commissions made as part of Live at LICA's 'Making Frames' artists bursary scheme. The works will be screened across campus via the PD-NET electronic displays, as well as some late-night projections in unusual places.

‘The Race’ is a film piece of four running performers. The film can be viewed on the screens situated around Lancaster University campus in combination with larger projected sequences. The action takes the audience on an exciting journey through different landscapes and places in an attempt to examine the nature of human competition across different arenas. 

The piece sees the constantly moving runners struggle through the scenarios they face or, at times, glide through them effortlessly. In response to the London Olympics and the current economic crises facing the UK the piece reflects and challenges our perspectives of Great Britain in 2012. 

The film can be viewed in four different routes or parts. You can follow one performer through their journey on the screens or simply encounter them as they pass by. 

Murray Wason

Murray Wason is a film and performance artist based in Scotland. Wason works in performance making with a wide variety of media and has shown solo and ensemble touring performances internationally and around the UK for the past 10 years. Wason’s theatre and directing work uses the human body as a site of performance and his collaborative devised performance projects have a strong political rooting in the potential for change through community, action and ritual. Recently, Murray has been working towards the creation of a new space in Glasgow as part of an exciting artist led initiative.

Event Details


The Race will be shown across the digital screens across the Lancaster University campus culminating in a projection of the finale on the exterior of the Sports Centre on the 9th May at 10pm.