Muttnik - The First Dog in Space

Muttnik is a stray. She lives on the streets of Moscow, cold and hungry until one day she is captured. To her surprise, she finds herself in a shiny new home with food, water and adventures better than dreams. She is living at the Russian Space Centre and has been selected to be the first dog in space!

She learns to fly a rocket, to parachute jump, to dance in zero gravity and to go ‘where no dog has gone before’. Will she skate on the rings of Saturn, what will be her first message home and what will it be like to dig holes on the moon?

Following on from her acclaimed production for children ‘Throw me a bone’ which toured to sell out audiences across the UK and the United States, Niki McCretton brings us this imaginative slant on what happened to Laika, the dog that the Russians sent into space aboard the rocket Sputnik 2 in 1957. This enchanting tale is told with dance, music and puppetry and is suitable for children over three years old.

Muttnik is a 50 minute physical theatre solo which incorporates dance passages. The story is told without words, through movement, gentle humour, music and a soundscape. The set consists of a simple construction that transforms into a rocket. The costume, set and props are colourful, inventive and charming.


The show is accompanied by a fantastic practical workshop (aimed at ages 7-9). This is a chance to come and invent stories from the true adventures of the first living creature to go into space, using our bodies and imaginations to blast into space. Participants will need to wear clothing that is comfortable to move in and be willing to invent, play and be adventurous. There will be an opportunity for parents to see what has been created at the end of the session. Niki McCretton is an experienced teacher of all ages and is skilled in drawing out children's ideas and helping them to create performances. The workshop is followed by art activities and a light lunch until the show at 2pm.

Saturday 12 May 2007 @ 2pm (workshop 10am-12 noon, followed by art activities and lunch until the show)

Event Details

Niki McCretton