New Spaces for Role Models

One of the most original performers to emerge in years, Julian Fox delivers his fourth cult travelogue to the apparently mundane – this time Gatwick Airport. New Spaces for Role Models is an extraordinary and fantastical mix of satirical songs, lyrical humour, home video and extremely peculiar dance.

'Last year I wanted to go for a walk in the country. It was a beautiful autumnal day. I looked in my Time Out Guide to country walks but there was nothing there that really interested me. So I decided to go for a walk around the perimeter fence of Gatwick Airport, clockwise. It was great seeing the place from such different angles. I think my favourite is probably the North terminal. It feels a bit classier, more exclusive.'

'An absolute delight... Fox turns the small pleasures and failures of life into hilarious oddball entertainment.' The Daily Telegraph

The show is accompanied by Silent Sermon, an installation by Manchester-based artist Juliet Ellis between 7 and 8pm. Entry is free with a ticket to Julian Fox.

Juliet Ellis - silent sermon - a private encounter. Think of a moment when you wanted to cry and you didn’t.

silent sermon is an intimate private encounter for an audience of one. On entering a darkened space a dialogue has begun, the performer and audience sharing together a desire to experience an honest truth on an intimate level. It is an exploration of authenticity, the artificial and the real, where reality and fiction are continually interspersed, and performance and memory are delicately intertwined. The audience is given a choice where to look, between the live action and the video relay of the same. They become aware of the double sense of performance, witnessing the performer remembering and forgetting but in the end there is nothing, left only silence.

silent sermon is part of Autobiography in Five Chapters, a series of interdisciplinary works to be presented over the next nine months. Supported by ACENW, green room, ArtsAdmin and hAb

Friday 4 November 2005 @ 8pm

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Julian Fox