Nuff Said II

The artists commissioned through the Making Money scheme use diverse strategies to explore making fire, finding love, baking cakes, making voices in churchyards, the ‘heart’ as an emotional object and dancing with the locals in Morecambe.

If you are an artist at the start of your career, or want to develop your practice by working in new ways, this is the event for you. Here you can explore creative approaches that can nourish your own work, as well as meet like-minded artists.

Through 5 performances/presentations, you will find out how local and regional artists approach the early stages of making performance. Where do they look, who do they talk to, where do they go? What resources do they use, what avenues do they follow, what journeys do they take?

Your ticket price includes refreshments, all shows and late-night performance cabaret.

Saturday 18 February 2006 @ 11am till late

Event Details

Nuffield Theatre