OPEN15: Sparrowhawk Art Exhibition

Sparrowhawk Art, #JusticeforLB Exhibition

A day before the latest pre-inquest review join us in the Peter Scott Gallery for an exploration of the #JusticeforLB campaign.

The #JusticeforLB campaign broadly agitates to change the way that people with learning disabilities and their families are treated and valued by society. The campaign started in 2014 after an independent report found that the death of Connor Sparrowhawk (aka LB for Laughing Boy), whilst in a specialist hospital, was “preventable”.

By opening up the Peter Scott Gallery as a space for political debate and display Live at LICA invites you to consider the role of public art centres in reflecting and engaging with contemporary grass roots cultural production and political debate.

Join Prof Chris Hatton (Centre for Disability Research, Lancaster University), Dr Sara Ryan (Connor’s Mother) and others to explore the creative products of this community driven campaign which will be on temporary display on the ground floor of the Peter Scott Gallery, 10am-5pm.

Event Details

Peter Scott Gallery (Exhibitions)

Justice for LB

A section of the large quilt in memory of LB (Connor Sparrowhawk known as LB - 'Laughing Boy' online) with patches submitted by supporters of the #JusticeforLB campaign.