OPEN: Art & Community Day (2014)

Join Live at LICA for talks, activities and plenty of tea and cake at our inaugural Art & Community Day. We want to envisage what an annual art and community day might look like on campus and how Live at LICA can help support the grassroots development of contemporary arts and crafts in the region of Lancashire. Whether you’re interested in the role artists play in society, how social practice engages communities or just looking for something different to do on a Saturday afternoon then come along, we’d love meet you. The day is suitable for all ages. 

During the day you'll be able to meet artists like Amy Sharrocks and donate to her Museum of Water project, composer and cellist Maja Bugge will show you how to write and perform your own composition. Hyeyoung Maeng invites you to realise the first stages of a wishing tree project through participaroty bracelet design and our lunchtime talk ponders the usefulness of art in society. We also invite you to take part in a discussion on the prospect of starting a contemporary arts and crafts fair at Lancaster University. How will Live at LICA support your relationship with contemporary arts in the future? 

Event Details



Saturday 10th May
Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University

Download an A-Z of the day's activities