OPEN: Discussion groups

Group 1: "Hello, is this working?"
Weds 7 May, 4 - 5pm

A conversation on beginning a critical forum for Live at LICA's programme

During 2014 Live at LICA is looking to start an Advisory Group made up of artists and persons aged under 25. This group will meet twice a year with Live at LICA staff in a forum that reflects on recent Live at LICA events, and considers suggestions on aspects of programme going forward. A designated member of the group will also feed into Live at LICA's Strategic Advisory Group who currently meet twice a year in June and January. In this conversation, the first discussion group in the 2014's OPEN series Live at LICA's Director Jamie Eastman will introduce the rationale for starting a Young Persons and Artists Advisory Group and chair a discussion with those assembled on the best ways for such a group to proceed. The conversation will also be an opportunity to learn more about Live at LICA and find out for yourself whether you would like to join 

Group 2: "Living Research"
Thurs 8 May, 2.30 - 4pm

A conversation on how practice-led research by post-graduate students/artists is best presented in the public realm.

With growing numbers of artists taking up PhD and MA studies in the UK and many postgraduate courses offering the chance to be practice-led, what role might public facing organisations like Live at LICA play in supporting such developments? Live at LICA curator Richard Smith and Director Jamie Eastman will co-chair this discussion, joined by Post-Graduate Research and MA students from the University of Northumbria's Baltic 39 set up in Newcastle and LICA's Head of Post-Grad studies Bruce Bennett. All are welcome to exchange experiences on this topic and consider a horizon where HEI's and arts organisations meet

Group 3: "With a little help from my friends"
Fri 9 May, 10.30am - midday

A conversation over brunch on the usefulness of peer to peer support networks for artists who work on their own 

The developing field of performance making by artists who work predominantly on their own to realise projects has amplified some of the traditional challenges faced by practitioners in an era of austerity. This session explores the importance of support networks and the important role they often play in ensuring outcomes. Joining Live at LICA Creative Producer Leo Burtin and other member of LaL's programme team is artist Ria Hartley who has established SOLO in Bristol, inspired by a similar network she experienced while studying at Dartington.Ria will elaborate on the objectives of the SOLO meetings, her reasons for starting them and the benefits since to performance makers in and around Bristol. 

Group 4: "Currently working on"
Fri 9 May, 2.30 - 4.30pm

A roundtable conversation in which those assembled share their plans to realise future/current artistic projects

Linked to breakout sessions dedicated to OPEN's micro-bursary award winners, we will hear from artists Edwin Burdis, Hetain Patel, Ria Hartley, Amy Sharrocks and others on current projects they are hoping to realise and the plans they have in place to potentially do so. Following each speaker those assembled will have the chance to ask questions and offer suggestions on each project described. From 4pm OPEN's micro-bursary award winners (also present) will break out with selected Live at LICA staff and assembled artists of their choice to discuss their own idea for making a performance or performative work following a call-out by Live at LICA for proposals.

Group 5: "Arts & Crafts"
Sat 10 May, 2.30 - 3.30pm

A conversation about realising a regular contemporary print, publishing and crafts fair on campus at Lancaster University

In the near future Live at LICA would like to host a contemporary arts fair on campus. The fair might include prints, DIY publishing, jewelry/metalwork, furniture, sculpture, t-shirt designs or anything that artists and makers wished to sell or raise awareness for across various media. Join this conversation with LaL Bookshop manager Lindsay Bradshaw, LaL Director Jamie Eastman and others from the Lancaster region to discuss how we might realise such a fair together and what purpose it might serve. What would or should a contemporary arts and crafts fair feel like as an experience? And when and where on campus might it happen? 

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Presented as part of OPEN.

7th - 10th May, various times

Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster

The following conversations are open to all but places are limited, please email if you'd like to attend. Tea and biscuits provided

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