OPEN16: SCAN Through Time - the Student Environment

SCAN through time - the Student Environment

This exhibition explores how the student environment has changed over the last 50 years, as told through the archives of Lancaster University Student paper SCAN.

From the late 1960s up to the present day SCAN has been printing the voices of Lancaster University students. SCAN Through Time displays the library's SCAN archives in the Peter Scott Gallery laying out 50 years of change at the University. The archives show us the similarities and differences in the student body across the decades and documents the changing university environment & growth the University. 

Lancaster Arts’ OPEN 2016 explores Education and the Environment and these themes are evident in the exhibition. The conflicts of expansion associated with changing the existing university environments; such as threats to the college system and damage to the natural environment. The exhibition focuses on early developments off campus, the campus & colleges, modern developments & south-west campus, 50 years of the Great Hall Complex, as well as Occupations & contested spaces; asking who owns the university? 

'SCAN through time' is a snapshot the history of the paper, the university and the students that make it.


Curated by Jon Martin:
Jon studied a BA and MA in Politics at Lancaster University researching student activism. In 2015 he completed an MA dissertation on student activism and the Univerity system with a focus on Lancaster University as a case study. He presently works for Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University. 

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