OPEN16: The Artist's Marks Exhibition

Revealing the ‘unfinished’ within the Chambers Archive

The Artist’s Marks exhibition explores the experimentation and thought processes that went into designing the ‘ideal’ artist’s mark to distinguish artist’s work for Pilkington’s Tile & Pottery Company. We do not know exactly who created these ‘unfinished’ designs, nor if these were for a commissioned piece but by examining the artist’s style of mark making, we can reveal if nothing else, natural talent which deserves to be exposed to the public.

What would your signature design look like?
See the exhibition handout for details about the collection and supporting context.

This exhibition is open in parallel with OPEN16, a fantastic event at which to celebrate the Peter Scott Gallery’s valuable collections and for the public to have a say in what we display next.

OPEN16 is taking place in the social space of the gallery from 21st April – 14th May 2016.


Curated by: Danielle Ash

Event Details

Peter Scott Gallery (Exhibitions)

Upstairs in Peter Scott Gallery 
Weekdays and selected Saturdays throughout Open2016 (21st April - 14th May)

Photo from John Chambers Archive, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University. Presented as part of Artist Marks Exhibition at Lancaster Arts' Open 2016

John Chambers Archive, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University