Philharmonia of the Nations scored a particular success on its previous visit to Lancaster in 2004. A multicultural orchestra of young professionals from five continents and more than 40 countries, it takes its inspiration from Leonard Bernsteinís credo ëLetís make music as friendsí. Derek Han, born in the United States to Chinese parents, has enthralled audiences as a guest and touring soloist with orchestras throughout the world. He takes the solo role in Griegís hugely popular Piano Concerto, with its dramatic cascades of notes and snatches of Norwegian folk song and dance. One of the classic introductions to the sound of the orchestra, Brittenís colourful showpiece puts each instrumental section through its paces. The last scene of Ravelís Daphnis ballet music ends in a wild and orgiastic bacchanal while his hypnotic Bolero, with its crashing climax, never fails to thrill.

Meet the Artist: 6.45pm

Tickets: £17.50, £14.50, £11.50 (£14.00, £12.00, £9.50 concessions), £5.50 young person

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