17OPEN | Playing Up


Join us in the Peter Scott Gallery for Lancaster University's Community Day 2017, and Lancaster's first PLAYING UP! 

The Gallery and our café|bar will be OPEN, with plenty of opportunities to hear more about our plans for the future. 


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Pick a card, read it out loud, complete the action. PLAYING UP means you might:make clothes out of food, lie on top of cars, dance with animals, try bagism, make a ketchup fight, follow a random passerby through the city, remote control your parents...


Introduction for adults:

PLAYING UP is a fun and engaging technique for discovering Live Art. It is meant to introduce children to Live Art and thereby to foster their creativity, confidence and imagination, not to mention their strategic skills.

Introduction for kids:

If you read the introduction for adults above, you’ll see that we told them PLAYING UP was about you discovering Live Art. That’s part of the trick. Actually, PLAYING UP is a device for you to use Live Art as a means to make adults do the most unbelievable and funny and silly and adventurous things. You will see, they are ready to do anything when it comes to your cultural development.


This demonstration will be hosted by Lancaster-based artist Aliki Chapple. 


About Playing Up:

PLAYING UP is an artwork by Sibylle Peters, exploring the potential of Live Art to bridge generations. Drawing on Live Art themes and key works, PLAYING UP takes the form of a game played by adults and kids together. Kids, adults, families and friends are all welcome.

This event will be an opportunity for people to find out more and try out PLAYING UP in an energetic environment that involves kids and their adults working together as a team to complete activities and tasks to create their own work of Live Art. 

This event is part of a series of hands-on experiments, exhibitions, mini-talks, food and drink and live music and performance, all part of Lancaster University's Community Day 2017. More details can be found here. This event is part of OPEN 2017.


Playing Up offers the tools to take risks, wrest back agency and question power relationships. All while having fun and making art.
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Event Details

Peter Scott Gallery (Exhibitions)

Sybille Peters/Live Art Development Agency

Free, drop in.

Photo by Seraphina Neville, Illustration David Caines/Maja Bechert