Psappha Commissions

The American composer and guitarist Steven Mackey wrote Five Animated Shorts for the distinctive sound and line-up of Psappha, scoring it for exotic cimbalom and ensemble. The musicís quirky character and generally bright, playful colours, along with its movement titles (ëSlippery Dogí, ëLonely Motelí etc.) brought the medium of short animated films to Mackeyís mind when thinking of a work title. Gordon McPherson is one of todayís most intriguing composers, his music direct and accessible. Celeste Unborne, composed for Psappha, was written in 2007 to celebrate the birth and beauty of McPhersonís daughter. Edward Cowie is both a composer and an artist who has combined the two creative strands in sonic portraitsí. In Psappha Portraits, a set of seven sound-picturesí inspired by major painters, each study features music played first by a Psappha soloist, then coloured by the full ensemble.

Tickets: £10 (no concessions ñ unreserved seating)
£5.50 Young person

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