Santoor, Sitar, Tabla

Experience the delicate colours, finely-spun textures and haunting lyricism of Indian classical music, based in the solo performance tradition. Marvel as the sitar and santoor sound in duet, with tabla accompaniment. The sitar is the ëvoiceí, while the santoor ñ a treasured, dulcimer type of instrument ñ provides the more rhythmic, compelling element to the music.

Hanif Khan comes from a family of distinguished musicians from Jaipur and Mumbai in India; Kiranpal Singh Deoora is one of the finest exponents of the santoor outside India, and Viram Jasani ñ who was one of the early players of ëfusioní ñ has performed at major festivals in the UK, Europe and India. Together, their imaginative artistry, expressive force and technical perfection promise a highly evocative evening.

TICKETS: £15, £12.50
(£12.50, £10 concessions)
£6 Young person

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