Sea Breeze: An Archive (Raisin & Willow)

We are searching for stories in the bones of its beams and its rivets and its rafters…

Artists Raisin & Willow have been working with Live at LICA, imitating the dog and the people of Morecambe in response to the Winter Gardens, an iconic Victorian theatre poised between glorious past and uncertain future.

Throughout the spring and summer they have wandered the building, following lines of light up swaying stairs, all the way up to the gods. They have listened to one-time workers, the usherettes, the flyman, the boy who shone the lime-light and the woman who sold ice-creams. They have gathered matter and memory, dust and dreams. They have made a performance work, Sea Breeze (for more details, see here).

Here they present a collection of objects, images and sounds. The archive holds splinters of story and of old paint, tall tales and torn tickets; a repository of things lost and found, things left behind, things blown in by the breeze and washed up by the ever-encroaching tides of sea and time.

Event Details

Raisin & Willow

Exhibition Information

7 October - 6 December 2013.
Mon - Fri 11am-5pm & Sat 11am-4pm.
Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster. 

Opening Event. 6.30pm 17 October

Sea Breeze: An Archive. Raisin & Willow.
Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster. October - December 2013.