Sinfonia ViVA

In this attractive programme of old and new, Berlin-born AndrÈ de Ridder and Sinfonia ViVA bring together a striking percussion concerto with the classical refinement of Mozartís engaging German Dances and the Beethoven symphony which the composer fondly described as his best work and in which Wagner saw ëthe apotheosis of danceí. Time Release, with its infectious flashes of jazzy energy, was composed for tonightís soloist, Colin Currie, the multipercussionist known as much for his charisma as for his impeccable technique.

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£6 Young personOld-fashioned though it might sound, I kept thinking of my favourite Mozart piano concertos and how the music is not a vehicle for the instrument but rather the two are merged so that my primary awareness is how the music sings.'
Mackey on Time Release

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