Songs without words - Rose Consort of Viols

Renaissance composers were adept at borrowing each otherís music: well known songs were arranged as instrumental pieces; motets and madrigals were performed without their texts.This programme explores a range of glorious consort music that owes much to the rich vocal repertoire of the Elizabethan age, including music by Tallis, Tye, Parsons, Ferrabosco, Byrd and Dowland. In Songs without words these expressive instrumentalists colour and characterise the music, singing both the song and the song themes on their viols.

Meet the Artist: 6.45pm
Tickets: £14.50, £12
(£12, £9.50 concessions)
£5.50 Young personëThe Rose Consort combines an entrancing ear for line and texture with great beauty of sound and suppleness of phrase, transporting us back to an era of grace, refinement and civilised discourse.í
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