Stranger Than Kindness

63 performers. 63 audience-members. 63 desks. 63 light-bulbs…

63 declarations of love. 63 false confessions. 63 awkward silences. 63 fond farewells.

From what appears to be some kind of dodgy performance speed-dating event emerges a web of cross-references and story strands, inspired by Life a User's Manual by Georges Perec. No single audience member's journey is the same, but the stories start to converge and the links to multiply around the figure of a man in a Paris apartment, alone and almost blind, trying to complete a 750-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Stranger than Kindness is the new show from Lancaster University’s entire 1st Year Theatre Studies student cohort. All 63 of them…

Directed by Matt Fenton (Nuffield Theatre) and John Dean (Organic Theatre).

Tuesday 20 November 2007 to Wednesday 21 November 2007 @ 6pm & 8pm

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