Talking Birds: The Whale (Curate the Campus 2012)

As the mouth of the Whale closes, you discover yourself inside a submarine. Opening a red velvet curtain reveals a submariner named Jonah.

He has a dilemma - how to communicate a message of great importance to his loved one on shore, using the regulation 40 words prescribed by the Operations Manual for Submariners.

The sailor sings you his message, which you are asked to pass on in the form of a small, paper whale, which he has made for you during the course of the performance.

‘Never liked the name Jonah anyway.
Bit of liability tell you the truth.
Specially down here, causes me no end of grief.’

If you are bringing the family to see 'The Whale' don't miss a free family art workshop taking place in the LICA Building.

Who are Talking Birds?

Talking Birds is a theatre company based in Coventry, UK known for its astonishing acts of transformation. It has created work using a unique brand of humour, music and visual brilliance in venues both conventional and unconventional across the UK and internationally - from the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, to Kilkenny Livestock Mart, Ireland to a giant underground car park in Scarborough to a decommissioned hospital in Coventry. The work is often inspired by a place and its history, which it revivifies to give audiences a unique and moving experience. It defines its trademark style as Theatre of Place.

Event Details

Approx 3 mins
Age Restriction:
To see this event you must be 6 or over

Talking Birds

No booking required

The Whale will be sited outside the LICA building at the north end of the campus on Sat 12th May from 11.30am - 4.30pm.

FREE - no booking required.
Suitable for the entire family.
Performances last just 3 mins