Tango 5: The Music of Astor Piazzolla

The Argentine tango composer and bandonÈon player, Astor Piazzolla transformed the tavern dance into a highly expressive form, developing its structure and blending its original rhythms with harmonic influences of jazz and contemporary European classical music. Tango 5 is a newly formed group made up of leading North West musicians each with a passion for Piazzollaís music and keen for audiences to share their enjoyment of its thrilling sound. Tonight offers a rare opportunity to hear a concert of Piazzollaís music in its original version for tango quintet, the ensemble with which Piazzolla was most at home both as composer and bandonÈonist. Tango ñ which has its roots in the bordellos of Buenos Aires ñ is now as frequently heard in the great concert halls of the world as the waltz.

TICKETS: £15, £12.50
(£12.50, £10 concessions)
£6 Young person

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