The Endurance

Two old men haul their broken piano along rusty train tracks. Their energy is spent and the faceless entity that is in pursuit is almost upon them, and yet, round the next bend, maybe...

Al Seed (Arches Artist in Residence / Fringe First Winner (2004) and Ben Faulks (Companions of Pram / Winner of the Manchester Evening News Theatre Award 2004) collaborate in a new work. The show draws on the tradition of the traveling player and the expeditions of Scott and Shackleton to tell a tale of survival in the face of impossible odds and a friendship glued together by tea and mint-cake.

In 'The Endurance' Seed and Faulks return to the character-acting and text-based traditions in which they started, but never losing sight of the physical precision and surrealism for which they are best known.

Tuesday 1 May 2007 @ 8pm

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Al Seed & Ben Faulks