The Halle Soloists (2015)

RAVEL Violin Sonata
DEBUSSY Cello Sonata
DEBUSSY Premiere Rhapsody for Clarinet
MESSIAEN Quartet for the End of Time

The Hallé Soloists are an elite chamber group formed and led by the world famous Hallé Orchestra's leader, Lyn Fletcher. They give performances with great passion and virtuosity, which is reflected in their choice of music for this programme of French chamber music. The individual performers shine in the first half then combine for Messiaen's sublime and poignant "Quartet for the End of Time". Written and performed as a prisoner of war, Messiaen’s work simply defies description in words. You just have to experience it - live, up close and in-the-round.

6.45pm Pre-Concert Talk

Event Details

Approx 120 mins

Halle Soloists

The Halle Soloists perform on 7th February 2015 at Live at LICA's International Concert Series on the Lancaster University campus.