The Piano (Curate the Campus 2012)

Mini workshop for children
Suitable for 8-12 years only. (Free Entry).
12th May 2012: 10.30am - 11.30am. 
Max: 5 children.

During the workshop the children will be presented with ideas of composition and musical notation. Composer and performer Maja Bugge will talk about how she works as a composer and how she has been exploring the piano in the shed. The children will then go on to make their own little pieces in relation to the piano and the shed. These pieces will be performed by the end of the workshop.

Performance - for all ages.
12th May 2012: 12noon - 3pm. 
Max: 5 people per performance.
(Free Entry). 

The piano is a 10 minute performance by Maja Bugge. For the last few weeks Maja has worked with the piano placed in the shed of the 'Making Time' garden. On Saturday the 12th of May between 12-3 she will invite small audiences into the shed to hear her composition. 

About Maja Bugge

Maja Bugge is a Norwegian composer and musician based in Lancaster. She is interested in the meeting point between different art forms and has done a range of interdisciplinary projects over the last 10 years. She has a particular interested in devising works for children and young people.  For Curate the Campus she is undertaking a creative residency, exploring a number of ideas for new sound works, including:

  1. Researching a composition for cello and electronics using field recordings from campus as a starting point for the electronic part.  
  2. Making a piece for (and with) the piano in the time garden. 

For the Piano: the instrument is rusty and out of tune. It has had its best days. Bugge wants to explore its limits and possibilities and so reflect on the time it has had in the shed and the gardens. All on its own. 

Event Details

Age Restriction:
To see this event you must be 8 or over

Performance Information

Saturday 12th May