Third Person (redux)

In 2004, Proto-type Theater made a piece called THIRD PERSON about the dissolution of the love affair between two jaded New Yorkers. In attempting to remake the show as a love story in the context of the company’s relocation to England – an altogether different story emerged…

By turns hilarious, moving and disturbing, THIRD PERSON (redux) is a lecture-demonstration-cum-performance that investigates the events that unfolded out of the electric meeting of two of history’s most infamous lovers, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

Illustrating, controlling and sometimes miscommunicating the story, the performers veer between the emotional, the factual and the fantastical as they pick-apart the particulars of this strange love affair.

Delivered in the third person through a variety of lo-fi media including video, drawings, slides and audio recordings, THIRD PERSON (redux) creates a collage of tales, truths and surprising connections between love, life, death and donuts.

Proto-type Theater are based in Lancaster, UK and Brooklyn, NY and make original theatre and media work that tours internationally. THIRD PERSON is a re-examination of a form first devised and performed by the company in 2004 and premiered at the Brick Theater, Brooklyn, New York.

*A Night Less Ordinary - There are a limited number of free tickets available for this performance to those aged 16-25. Please contact the box office for further details.

Tuesday 16 February 2010 to Wednesday 17 February 2010 @ 8pm

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