Tok Tok

A performance presentation from sound and media artist, composer, performer, and instrument builder Philip Dadson. The presentation will provide an introduction to Philip's unique way of working, combining costume-instruments, sculpture, sound installation and performance. In collaboration with Amanda Newall and Antti Saario of Lancaster University.

New Zealand-based Dadson regularly tours internationally. Recent projects include 'Pacific Plate' inspired by local tectonics, and 'Vocal Acrobats', a collaboration with Koichi Makigami and Mark van Tongeren. Dadson's work includes solo sound & intermedia performances and installations, music compositions, graphic scores, video and short film, sound-sculptures, and improvisations on his instruments.

In 1974, Dadson founded From Scratch, a group that performs largely with his invented instruments. He is co-author of the From Scratch Rhythm Workbook and he has collaborated on two international award-winning films of performances by From Scratch with director Gregor Nicholas. The group has released numerous recordings over the its three-decade history.

Tuesday 6 June 2006 @ 8pm

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Philip Dadson