Unless Supernatural Grace Intervenes

Swen Steinhouser (director of Deer Park and Nuffield Theatre associate artist), is making a devised show with ten members of the Dukes Youth Theatre, aged between 11 and 16. 'Unless Supernatural Grace Intervenes: St George Vs the Dragon' is the first collaboration between the Nuffield and the Dukes Youth Theatre.

St George killed the dragon. For different reasons in different stories. But seemingly so always for the right ones. What if it wasn’t so? What if he didn’t kill the dragon for the right reasons? And what does that mean anyhow?

This performance is not about St. George really. Nor the dragon. It’s more like this. There are two groups: the Hooligans and the Dragons. A classic tale of difference, mistrust, fear and hate. The story of a forbidden love, violence, murder and a supernatural act of forgiveness. But this is not a play or a musical. There are no characters, no dialogues, no songs. It’s like telling a story but not telling it straight. Telling it through images, atmospheres, silences instead.

'Everything points to the fact that, unless supernatural grace intervenes, there is no form of cruelty or depravity of which ordinary, decent people are not capable.' Simone Weil

Saturday 14 April 2007 @ 8pm at Dukes Youth Arts Centre (DT3)

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