The audience dons headphones and listen as three performers tell the story of the last night on earth. Obscured behind a cinematic canvas and using sounds and images, WHISPER is a shadow-filled dream world where anything is possible. The performers' voices and the world of sounds they create, pierces into the heads of those who listen, setting off a startling chain of questions. WHISPER asks what it means to be in a shared space in this modern age of mediation.

Limited seating of 48 persons per performance. No reservations so please arrive early.

Directed and written by Peter S Petralia

Performed by Alice Booth, Gillian Lees and Andrew Westerside

Sound and music by Philip Reeder

Lighting by Rebecca M.K. Makus

Thursday 5 July 2007 to Friday 6 July 2007 @ 8pm

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Proto-type Theater