Rajni Shah Projects: Write a Letter to a Stranger

What would you write in a letter to a stranger? And what might a stranger have to say to you?

Write a letter to a stranger is an intervention into our busy everyday lives. A pause. A space. A postal exchange. Rajni Shah Projects invites you to write a letter to a stranger, and get a letter in return. Take your time. Have a cup of tea. Be surprised.

The team from Rajni Shah Projects: Rajni, Lucille and Sheila (with help from local artists Leo and Aliki) will be meeting strangers and writing letters in Morecambe and Lancaster from Monday.  Join them to see what sort of letter you get...

Write a letter to a stranger will run from 11am - 3pm on the following dates and locations:

Mon 5th and Tue 6th November: Morecambe Library, Morecambe
Wed 7th to Sat 10th November: Lancaster Library, Lancaster
Sun 11th November: St Nicholas Arcade, Lancaster

Rajni Shah Projects present Glorious on Dec 1 2012. 

Event Details

Rajni Shah Projects

This event is unticketed. Just turn up! 

Glorious' Rajni Shah Projects, Wunderbar Festival 2011