LANDING: What connects you with nature?

LANDING: What connects you with nature?


What we know and understand we come to love, and what we love we will protect’
Aldo Leopold

Over the last weekend of June, Lancaster Arts and We Live Here are hosting three days of live events exploring our relationships with the natural world.

LANDING will be situated in and around three shipping containers located at The Battery in the West End of Morecambe and everyone is welcome to join in.

The project is a co-commission between Lancaster Arts and We Live Here, a national consortium that commissions and presents public realm projects by UK-based and international artists that build deeper connections between communities and the natural environments around them.

LANDING is in collaboration with artists Henna Asikainen, whose work NEST involves bringing people together to construct a human sized nest, and Breakwater, comprising Taey Iohe and Youngsook Choi, who present Cockles of my Heart, an immersive, guided sound walk on Morecambe sands.

 Exact Location: what3words ///pies.stops.maybe


Each day of LANDING, we want to hear what connects you to nature. We are asking all our visitors to bring an object or artwork to contribute to the Museum of Nature and Us. There will be arts workshops in music making and clay, creative conversations, and two amazing arts commissions - you make a lyric, a snippet of song – ones that mean something to you. We’ll be writing these on the pavement for all to see and all will be gathered up to create A LANDING song, performed by everyone at the end of LANDING.

Take a look at all the exciting things we have coming up below…

Museum of Nature and Us
From 10am each day
Over the course of three days we will create a pop-up museum, filled with your creative inspirations of what connects you to nature, full of sounds, objects and imaginative creations.

Cockles of my Heart
Breakwater Container
Friday 28 June (10.30am & 1.30pm), Saturday 29 June (11am & 1.30pm), Sunday 30 June (12.30pm & 2pm)
Artists Taey Iohe and Youngsook Choi have created an immersive, guided sound walk on Morecambe sands. The walks bring together the beautiful but fragile landscape with the stories, histories and tragedies of the bay. There will be two walks per day with numbers limited and booking required. Book here.

No Such Thing

Friday 28 June (12.30pm, 1.15pm, 2pm, 3pm, 3.45pm, 4.30pm), Sunday 30 June (11am, 11.45am, 12.30pm)
The offer is simple: we buy you lunch in exchange for a short conversation. We create a menu of questions to choose from and talk about what’s happening in the world, in our lives and stuff that’s playing on our minds. Very limited spaces, booking essential. Book here.

Conversations about nature: Taking in versus taking from nature
Friday 28 June, 2pm
Please join us for this conversation with Youngsook Choi and Taey Iohe of Breakwater (the artists behind Cockles of my Heart), Mandy Knott (Natural England), and Ella Alemayehu-Lambert (Lancaster Arts). No booking required.

Friday 28 June, 3.30pm
Artist Elizabeth Clough will be running a workshop that explores our connections to nature through the unassuming material world of Morecambe Bay. Sculpt a Lugworm cast, make drawings inspired by sensory experience and experiment with plaster casting in wet sand, then share your creations in our pop-up Museum of Nature and Us. Suitable for everyone from 8 years upwards, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult). Limited spaces, booking required for 3.30pm session. Book here. There will be a 4.30pm session available to people on the day.

Saturday 29 June, from 10am                
Join artist Henna Asikainen to build a human sized nest on the beach near the Battery in Morecambe. Gather driftwood and foliage or bring along your own natural materials or spare fabrics to help construct a huge nest, connecting us with the natural world. Booking preferred. Book here.

Sound Museum
Saturday 29 June, 10.30am
Join More Music's music producer Leroy Lupton for a workshop of recording, sound manipulation and audio exploration. Share your story of "what nature means to you" and be added to our ever-evolving soundscape at the Museum of Nature and Us.

Conversations about nature: Whose nature is it?
Saturday 29 June, 2pm
Please join us for this conversation with Joanna Young (Poverty Truth Commission, Citizens Advice), Phil Sykes (Derelict Arts CIC, Poverty Truth Commission) and Miranda Stearn (Lancaster Arts).

NEST: The Long Table Discussion
Saturday 29 June, 3.30pm
Have a look at two films of the nest built already in early June in Heysham. Following the nest-building join us for a conversation at the Long Table to delve further into the themes and ideas that inspired the work. No booking required.

The Embassy of Nowhere
Sunday 30 June, 10.30am-1pm
Artist, Alex McLean from Zuppa theatre company based in Canada is partnering with Lancaster Arts on a project called This is Nowhere, which will take place in Morecambe in 2025. At the end of the 16th century, the cartographer Abraham Ortelius made a map of Utopia and referred to an imagined, perfect society. Utopia literally translates as ‘no place’ or ‘nowhere’. What does it mean to imagine such a place? How does it relate to the real world through which we move?

The Embassy of Nowhere is a place to map and document the ways we find meaning in our natural and built environments. On large maps of Morecambe, participants will draw, record and share your own impressions and stories of what this place means to you. No booking required.

Sunday 30 June, Rehearsal at 1.30pm, Performance at 3pm
Community Musician and Choir Leader, Anni Tracy, invites you to bring your lyrical ideas for her to compose an original song on LANDING to be performed together to bring the weekend to a close. No booking required.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing