Environment & Sustainability

We are all custodians of the land we occupy. It is our responsibility to ensure the actions we take in every area of our business enhance, protect or preserve our environment and resources. At Lancaster Arts it is a responsibility we take seriously.

Green Lancaster

We are embedded in a culture of positive environmental change at LU and the ‘Green Lancaster’ policy encompasses all areas that are working towards LU’s sustainability and environmental projects. This includes carbon and environmental management, estates development, catering (we are a Fairtrade University), along with waste management, procurement and tuition based around sustainability and the environment. LU even has its own Eco-hub and organic allotment, and is surrounded by the beautiful Lancashire countryside. So everyone who visits and works at LU can see the relationship we have with our environment through almost every aspect of campus life.


As a team, we are passionate about playing an active contribution and this is illustrated through our five key objectives:

  1. To understand and quantify the environmental impact of our venue within the university’s broader activity
  2. To reduce the environmental impact of our operations
  3. To reduce the environmental impact of our communications and marketing practices
  4. To reduce the environmental impact of our procurement
  5. To reduce the environmental impact of our team’s business travel and transport choices