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This Endless Sea
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Breathing Space
Can we build a nest of belonging, together?
Catalyst For Conversation
Celebrating the Mill Race
Cockles of my Heart
Conversations at LANDING
Down by the River
Ellie Barrett
FLOW: Marking the Mill Race
Haunting, dance and colonial legacies: A dance workshop with Seke Chimutengwende
Helena Ascough
Is There Anybody Out There?
Jen Blackwell and David Darcy
Julie Pinington Wright
Kasia Tatys
LANDING: What connects you with nature?
Lowri Evans On Ritual
Making Frames
Mill Race: The River Runs
Mill Race: Unexpected Encounters
Music at LANDING
No Such Thing at LANDING
Spill the Mill Race
The Museum of Nature and Us
Upcycling in the Mill Race
Welcome to the Chambers of Wonder!
Workshops at LANDING
Zuppa Theatre: This is Nowhere


Ancient World
Chinese Art
Japanese Art
Pilkington’s Tile & Pottery Company
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century European Art
Visiting, access and enquiries


A Walk for Grief: A Permanent Sound Walk for Lancaster
Waste Paper Opera: abstracts, with love
No Such Thing at LANDING
Breakwater: Cockles of my Heart
Henna Asikainen: NEST
Elizabeth Clough: Unearth
INHABIT: LICA Festival 2024 Friday Theatre Ticket
INHABIT: LICA Festival 2024 Thursday Theatre Ticket
INHABIT: LICA Festival 2024 Wednesday Theatre Ticket
Henna Asikainen: NEST
José García Oliva: Out of Hours
Ariana Kim and Michael Poll in Concert
Action Hero: The Talent
Clocking off time: Celebrate International Workers’ Day
Propellor: Flight Patterns
Susan Kempster: Common Ground
River Tours: The Lune
Roderick Williams with Roger Vignoles: Hearing Pictures
Manchester Camerata with Karen Cargill: Hearing Voices
Sena Başöz: Forough
Maja Bugge: Suite for Seabirds
Alim Beisembayev: In Concert
Tuesday Talks: Chris Dobrowolski
Tuesday Talks: Sin Wai Kin
Tuesday Talks: Hetain Patel
Mill Race: On the Edge
Mill Race: The River Runs
Tuesday Talks: Sarah Casey
Andy Smith and Lynsey O’Sullivan: A Citizens' Assembly
Gandini Juggling: The Games We Play
Tuesday Talks: Liz Clough
Tuesday Talks: Jasleen Kaur
Tuesday Talks: Tam Joseph
Jez Dolan & Garth Gratrix: How do you make a Queer ritual?
Tuesday Talks: Emily Simpson
Lancashire Choir of the Year 2023 Grand Final
A Queer Winter Congregation
Tuesday Talks: Keith Bloody Mary
Forced Entertainment: If All Else Fails
Tim Crouch: Truth's A Dog Must To Kennel
Tuesday Talks: Alan Dunn
An Evening with Parvathi Subbiah
José García Oliva: Bristle by Bristle
Tuesday Talks: Maddi Nicholson
Brodsky Quartet: Rachmaninov Anniversary Concert
Seke Chimutengwende: It Begins In Darkness
Petr Limonov: Introspective Dialogues: From Renaissance to Romanticism
Two Destination Language: 40/40
Ashley Wass: Bach, Beethoven, Shor and Shostakovich
Growing Partnerships
Bobby Baker: Drawing on a (Grand) Mother's Experience (Online)
Chris White: Mahler's Tenth (Online)
Van Huynh Dance Company: Re:Birth (Online)
Rendez-Vous dance: What Songs May Do...
Disruption: LICA Festival 2023 Friday Ticket
Disruption: LICA Festival 2023 Thursday Ticket
Disruption: LICA Festival 2023 Wednesday Ticket
Grief Cafe: Half Moon Bay Cafe
Grief Cafe: The Cornerstone
Russell Maliphant Dance Company: VORTEX
Linton Kwesi Johnson: Time Come
Stagestruck Junior Theatre: Legends of Robin Hood
Tai Murray and Martin Roscoe
BBC Philharmonic: Gala Night
Joseph Toonga: Born To Exist: The Woman I Know
Tuesday Talks: Jez Dolan
VERVE: Triple Bill
Tuesday Talks: Ross Dalziel
Eva Recacha: Because I Can
Tuesday Talks: Sena Başöz
Tuesday Talks: Antonio Roberts
Proto-type Theater: DEAD CATS
Tuesday Talks: Jasmir Creed
Nicolas Namoradze
Sarah Callaghan: Revolting
Sophie Rosa and Ian Buckle: Closing Statements
Van Huynh Company: Re:birth
Tuesday Talk Alison Clough
Will Dickie: White Sun
Avital Raz: Unnatural Cycles - A Ghost Story
Tuesday Talk Julia McKinlay
Bobby Baker - Drawing on a (Grand) Mother's Experience
Tuesday Talk Geraint Evans
Chris Singleton: How to be a Better Human
Grief, loss and place: discussion and audio walk
Jess Dandy
Eva Recacha: Because I Can
Creating Visibility: A discussion event on women, ageing and place
Justin Adams & Mauro Durante: Still Moving
Tuesday Talk Rachel Bacon
Slim: Live at The Nuffield
Tuesday Talk Elly Clarke
The Lancaster Arts Chamber Orchestra: Invitation to the Dance
Rendez-Vous Dance: What Songs May Do
River Tours: Stan’s Cafe
Rendez-Vous Curtain Raiser Workshops
Mela Guitar Quartet
Malcolm Doley Memorial Concert
Propellor: Flight // In Conversation
Stagestruck Junior Theatre: Alice In Wonderland
LICA Degree Show 2022: Re-Boot!
Petr Limonov
Victoria String Quartet
On Reflection: the complex meaning of memory
Let's Go For a Walk
Henry Normal: The Escape Plan
LUCI presents: A Sketch of the Stage
Davis & Bulychev-Okser: On Memory & Lost Time
Figs in Wigs: Little Wimmin
Fabiola Santana: A Place for Grief
FLOW: Main Event
FLOW: Pre-Event Workshop
Nikki Rummer: Unbroken
FLOW: Co-Development Workshop
FLOW of Voices Sound Creation Workshop
The People of the Mill Race
Chris White: Mahler's Tenth Revisited
Brahms: Old Soul, Young at Heart
Erlendis Quartet (Watch on Demand)
Proto-type Theater: A Dangerous Thing
Mind the Gap: A Little Space (Watch on Demand)
José Garcia Oliva: Traces
Tuesday Talks with Artists: Morwenna Morrison
LUDanS presents On Broadway
Tuesday Talks with Artists: Hardeep Pandhal
Tuesday Talks with Artists: Fabiola Santana
Tuesday Artist Talk: Sian Bowen
Tuesday Talks with Artists: Julia Heslop
Shifting Currents Exhibition
Connecting to Belonging
Haffner Orchestra present Mendelssohn & Beethoven
Echo Vocal Ensemble: Already Gone
Erlendis Quartet
Tuesday Artist Talk: Layla Khoo
Tez Ilyas: The Vicked Tour
Tuesday Artist Talk: Louise K Wilson
Mandla Rae: As British as a Watermelon
Ergon Theatre: The Wicked Problem
Tuesday Artist Talk: Danica Maier
Company Carpi: When You Light a Candle, You Also Cast a Shadow
Tuesday Artist Talk: Gareth Hudson
How do we breathe? Arts, Air Pollution & Health Equity
Michael Pinsky: The Pod of the Future
New Art Club: Cupid’s Revenge
Tuesday Artist Talk: Rebecca Krasnik
leo&hyde: The Wind as it Rushes through the Turbine
Brodsky Quartet
Manchester Collective: Voice of the Whale
Something's Happening Here
New Perspectives
French & Mottershead: Aftercare for Waterborne
French & Mottershead: Waterborne
Limonov & Rogalski: Water, Myths and Change
Avital Raz: My Jerusalem
Rebecca Atkinson-Lord: The Class Project
ThickSkin: Petrichor (VR)
Protein: May Contain Food
Silvia Mercuriali: Swimming Home
Draw to Connect
The People’s Palace of Possibility
Tuesday Artist Talk: Erica Scourti
Tuesday Artist Talk: Hannah Rowan
Tuesday Artist Talk: Soumya Netrabile
Tuesday Artist Talk: Chris Leach
Tuesday Artist Talk: Ilana Halperin
Tuesday Talk | Eleanor Moreton
Musical Sigh: From Brahms to Pärt - Online
The Musical Sigh: From Brahms to Pärt
English Touring Opera: Lyric Solitude
Rebecca Atkinson-Lord: The Class Project
Avital Raz: My Jerusalem
Breathing Space Exhibition
Tangram: The Space to Breathe
Tuesday Talks: José García Oliva
imitating the dog: Dr Blood’s Old Travelling Show
Going Out, In
Double-Bill: The Beautiful Miller & A Winter Journey
In Between Time: Self-Care for Performers & Performance Artists
The Chants Of Thar Desert (Rebroadcast)
From Nova Scotia to Morecambe
Borderless: LICA Degree Show 2020
The Chants Of Thar Desert
How to Survive as an Early-Career Artist
Silent Lines - Live Stream
COMMON: GROUND – Barriers to Building a Sustainable Career as a Working-Class Creative in Lancashire
People Show 137: God Knows How Many
Litfest 2020: Ian McMillan
Manchester Collective – The Birds
LICA Theatre Showcase 2020
Litfest 2020: A.C. Grayling
Stile Antico
Covadonga Valdés - Tuesday Talks
Nikki & JD: Knot
Michael Poll
Joe Fletcher Orr - Tuesday Talks
Talent Hub: HELM
LUDanS - A Night at the Movies
Liz Lea: RED
Hanna Tuulikki - Tuesday Talks
Slot Machine Theatre: Your Toys
Rachel Mars: Artist Workshop
Rachel Mars: Your Sexts Are Shit - Older Better Letters
Collectif and then: Fram & Dunt
New London Chamber Ensemble
Elliot Dodd - Tuesday Talks
Moricosta Trio with Martin Roscoe
Nicola Triscott - Tuesday Talks
Will Pickvance: First Piano On The Moon
Joey Holder - Tuesday Talks
Gillian Jane Lees & Adam York Gregory: Taking The Time
David Greilsammer: Labyrinth
LUTG Presents: Things I Know To Be True
Abel Selaocoe (Cello)
Northern Chords Ensemble: Piano Trio
Tuesday Talks: Garth Gratix
Kabantu: Sea Hear, See Here
Lancaster Students present: Cabaret
Tuesday Talks: Ollie Bradley-Baker, Hannah Ferraria, Paula Kolar
Sheila Ghelani & Sue Palmer: Common Salt
Ali Matthews & Leo Burtin: The Witching Way
Matt Winning: It's the End of the World As We Know it
Tuesday Talk: Hannah Catherine Jones
Hannah Catherine Jones: Owed to Black Roses
Noisy Gallery: Around The World with Kabantu
Rowan Rheingans: Dispatches on the Red Dress
Seeta Patel & Lina Limosani: Not Today's Yesterday
English Touring Opera: The Silver Lake
Tuesday Talks: J.R. Carpenter
Filskit: Kaleidoscope
Tuesday Talk: Peter Liversidge
Compagnia T.P.O.: Mini
Amy Vreeke: The Year My Vagina Tried To Kill Me
Chetham's Symphony Orchestra
workshop: Comedy and Illness
BonteHond: iPet
Russell Maliphant Company: Silent Lines
Russell Maliphant: Silent Lines
In Conversation: Russell Maliphant & Sue Black
Zuppa Theatre Co: The Archive of Missing Things
Maja Bugge: NORTHERN
LICA Degree Show 2019: Coordinate
LPM Theatre: Oracle (Work in Progress)
A Home for Grief - Installation
A Home for Grief
LU Students present Hairspray
Havens & Borders
Roger McGough & LiTTLe MACHiNe: joinedupwriting
Eric Lu (Piano)
Tuesday Talk with Louise Giovanelli and Vivian Greven
MOVE Exhibition
LICA Theatre Showcase 2019
Endellion String Quartet 2019
National Youth Jazz Orchestra 2019
Noisy Gallery with Ben McCabe and Anni Tracy
Kieran Hodgson: ‘75
Van Huynh Company: Đep
Dam Van Huynh / Van Huynh Co: Movement Workshop
Tuesday Talk with Imogen Stidworthy
LUTG Presents: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Tuesday Talk with Yu-Chen Wang
Quarantine: Wallflower
Romany Rai - Tom LLoyd
Tuesday Talk with Katrina Palmer
Verve: Mixed Bill
Anna Daly: Duvet Dancing
Forced Entertainment: To Move In Time
Tuesday Talk with Chris Drury
Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita: SOAR
Queens of Syria - Yasmin Fedda
Lost in Translation: Hotel Paradiso
BBC Philharmonic 2019
Wriggly Studio with Fabiola Santana and Jenny Reeves
Chirp & Drift: Bird Migration Walk & Workshop
Connecting Nature, Ecology & Art
Witchcraft and Human Rights: From Horror to Hope
Messy Studio with David Hulston
"Art is meant to be lived with"
LUTG present Jekyll and Hyde
Gandini Juggling: Sigma
Gandini Juggling: Workshop
Juice: Snow Queens
Maya Chowdhry: What's Eating Our Reality
Medsoc present Cinderella
Theatre Hullabaloo & Theatr Iolo: Luna
Tuesday Talk: Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom
Mimbre: The Exploded Circus
Tuesday Talk: Anat Ben David
Messy Studio: Autumn 2018
Jackie Hagan: This Is Not A Safe Space
Tuesday Talk: Charlotte Vincent
Lancaster Singers: The Armed Man
Kathy Hinde: Chirp&Drift
Anna Tsybuleva (Piano)
Andy Smith: Summit
Tuesday Talk: Christopher Cook
Can’t Sit Still: Plink and Boo
Workshop: Menstronauts a Go Go!
Marisa Carnesky: Dr Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Woman
Julie Rose Bower: The Foley Explosion
Tuesday Talk: Emily Speed
English Touring Opera: St Matthew Passion
Tuesday Talk: Lindsey Bull
Ellie Dubois: No Show
No Show: Workshop
Virgin Territory
Noisy Studio: Autumn 2018
Big Fish Little Fish: Lancaster Family Rave 2018
Afrika Eye North: Lives in Print
Afrika Eye North: Kafountine Print Open Studio
Afrika Eye North: Ballet Nimba
Afrika Eye North: Dance Got Me
Afrika Eye North: Family Dance Workshop
Afrika Eye North: Kirikou and the Sorceress
Afrika Eye North: Moving On with Ripton Lindsay
Afrika Eye North: Paa Joe and the Lion
Afrika Eye North: Sing Out with Mim Suleiman
Afrika Eye North: Kinshasa Symphony
Afrika Eye North: Mim Suleiman and Friends
Afrika Eye North: In Conversation with Kwame Boafo
Fine Art Degree Show - Under Construction
In Ruskin’s Footsteps
Chirp & Drift Family Day
Breaking Bread: On Otherness
Lancaster University Students Presents: Sister Act
Wriggly Gallery: Dancing In Play
IF Dance Festival
Tuesday Talk | Jordan Baseman (Re-scheduled)
Debussy 100th Anniversary Concert
LICA Theatre Showcase 2018
Messy Gallery: Paint Playground
Ticciati (Violin) & Beatson (Piano)
LU Theatre Group: Spring Awakening
Kathy Stott Birthday Celebration
Verve: Mixed Bill - CANCELLED
Proto-type Theater: The Audit
Tuesday Talk | Rebecca Louise Collins
Noisy Gallery: Sea Hear See Here
Making Room: Foot In The Door
Tuesday Talk | Paulette Terry Brien
Theatre, Democracy and Imagination
Tin Can People: Katie & Pip
Xuefei Yang (Guitar)
Lost Dog: Juliet and Romeo
Tuesday Talk | Jake Clark
The Bare Project: On The Outskirts of a Large Event
Jamie MacDonald: Designated Driver
Tuesday Talk | Richard DeDomenici
Rajni Shah: Experiments in Listening
Zoo Co: The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Moon
21Common: Dancer
Spring 2018 Launch
Arun Ghosh: Jazz Club
Dorothy's Colour
Sketch 2017
LUTG present Parade
Clare Teal & Trio: Ella Remembered
Russell Maliphant: Masterclass
Russell Maliphant: Community Dance Class
Kate O'Donnell: You've Changed
Schubert Ensemble 2017
Joli Vyann: Dance Workshop
Joli Vyann: Imbalance
LUTG: The History Boys
Messy Gallery: Sketchbook Studio with David Hulston
Chanje Kunda: Superposition
Kieran Hodgson: Maestro
LUTG: Chatroom
Tuesday Talk | Jill Gibbon
English Touring Opera: B Minor Mass
Gob Squad: War and Peace
Gob Squad: Workshop
Tuesday Talk | Ian Hartshorne
Impermanent Durations: On Painting and Time
Anjali Dance Company: Genius
Anjali Dance: CPD Workshop
Tuesday Talk | Gemma Anderson (CANCELLED)
Gob Squad: We Are Gob Squad & So Are You
Medea, written in rage
Tuesday Talk | Kate Owens
Tom Stade: I Swear
Wriggly Gallery: The Fox and the Phoenix with TurnAround Dance Theatre
David Greilsammer (Piano)
Tuesday Talk | Juneau Projects
Handa’s Surprise
Happily Ever After
Body Of Light
Brodsky Quartet: Opening Concert for 2017-18
imitating the dog: Nocturnes
Lost Dog: Paradise Lost
Tuesday Talk | Kathryn Elkin
Opening Event | Impermanent Durations: On Painting and Time
An Introduction to Volunteering
Big Fish Little Fish: Lancaster Family Rave 2017
TurnAround Dance Theatre: The Thief, the Fox & the Phoenix
Cancelled - Anthony Horowitz
Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
Telling In Full
PJ Harvey and Paul Muldoon – A Conversation
LU Fine Art Degree Show 2017
17OPEN | David Chandler: Postbox Collection
17OPEN | Wildscapes
17OPEN | Quarantine: Winter
17OPEN | life.theory.death
17OPEN | Emerging Artists Summit
17OPEN | Diverse Actions: Daniel Brine & Afreena Islam in conversation
17OPEN | French & Mottershead: Aftercare
17OPEN | French & Mottershead: Woodland
17OPEN | The Midnight Soup: Book Launch
17OPEN | Ellie Harrison: The Etiquette of Grief
Maxi Blaha: I Exist Only As A Reflection
The Astonishing Vacuum Cleaner Adventure
17OPEN | Nikki Pugh & Christopher Donaldson: By Duddon's Side
Liz Aggiss: Slap and Tickle
LICA Theatre Showcase
Choir of Clare College, Cambridge
Andy Holden: As Speed Increases Objects Can Be In Several Places At Once
Rebecca Chesney: 66 Million
Noriko Ogawa
Tuesday Talk - Joe Graham
2Magpies Theatre: Ventoux
An Evening with Emma Jane Unsworth
Northern School of Contemporary Dance: VERVE
Tuesday Talk - Serena Korda
LUTG present Blithe Spirit
Artist Talk - Jack Catling, Joel Chan, Rufus Noonan & David Stearn
Foot in the door: A Double Bill of Works in Progress
The Best of Both Worlds: A Busker’s Opera
Tuesday Talk - Eleanor Vonne Brown
Chetham's Chamber Orchestra
The Vagina Monolancs
Dego And Leonardi
Unfolding Theatre with LittleMighty: Putting the Band Back Together
Tuesday Talks - Donal Moloney
The Pretend Men: Police Cops
Elf Lyons: Pelican
Tuesday Talk - Larry Achiampong
Theatre-Rites: Beasty Baby
An Evening of Chamber Music with Nicola Benedetti
Noisy Gallery: Around the World with Kabantu
Defying Dementia: A Discussion with Arno Geiger, Penny Foulds & Paul Rodgers
Lancashire Youth & Schools Symphony Orchestras with Lancaster Grammar Schools Joint Orchestra
Tuesday Talk - Ele Carpenter
Painting as Documentation Art
Other Ways of Looking at Nature
Messy Gallery Autumn 2016
Turned on Its Head: Sponge
English Touring Opera
such impossibilities (Work In Progress)
Driven by the Glaze
Landscape | Environment
Igor and Moreno: Idiot-Syncrasy
An Evening with Salena Godden
Tuesday Talk - Dougal McKenzie
LUTG present Much Ado About Nothing
Noisy Gallery Autumn 2016
Alexander Panfilov (Piano)
Sue MacLaine: Can I Start Again Please
Tuesday Talk - Mark Peter Wright
M6 Theatre: Mavis Sparkle
Endellion String Quartet (2016)
Reckless Sleepers: Negative Space
Tuesday Talk - Stephanie Fletcher
Hetain Patel: American Man
Drop City
James Veitch: Dot Con
Tuesday Talks - Rob Mackay
Ockhams Razor: Tipping Point
Workshop: Ockham's Razor Uncovered
Turtle Key Arts Talk
Tuesday Talk - Simone Kenyon
Wriggly Gallery Autumn 2016
Gould Piano Trio
Luke Wright: What I Learned from Johnny Bevan
Theatre 42: Nothing is Coming the Pixels are Huge
Tuesday Talk - Rebecca Chesney
Steven Osborne (Piano)
Tuesday Talk - Art Gene: Maddi Nicholson and Stuart Bastik
Tuesday Talk - Layla Curtis
Sir Ranulph Fiennes with Sir Chris Bonington
The I-Eye
Big Fish Little Fish: Lancaster Family Rave
Preview: Adler & Gibb
Omnia XLIV - Degree Show
ULMS presents Proms 2016
The Should We Stay or Should We Go Show
Jabadao: The Tig for 0-1 Years
Jabadao: The Tig for 1-6 Years
Jabadao: The Tig (SEND Friendly Session)
Half Term Messy Gallery
Owen Jones: The Politics of Hope
OPEN16: Bring Your Own Mug
OPEN16: Family Day
OPEN16: Gunnuhver's Yarn
OPEN16: LMC Exhibition - What Does Politics Mean to You?
OPEN16: The Artist's Marks Exhibition
OPEN16: Decolonising the Campus / Decolonising the Arts
OPEN16: How Do Artists Make and Produce Artwork in the Current Economic Climate? w/ Emma Balkind + Andrew Gannon
OPEN16: BYOM Exhibition Launch
OPEN16: Are Scratch Events a Waste of Time?
OPEN16: Situated Composition Workshop: Emerging Practices of Sound and Mobility
OPEN16: Inviting Movements: Emerging Critical Disability & Deaf Perspectives and Practices (Broadcast)
OPEN16: Pain, the Brain and a Little Bit of Magic
With a Little Bit of Luck
Terry Eagleton & Paul Muldoon
OPEN16: Echoes and Reflections: A co-located soundmapping venture between Morecambe and Montreal
OPEN16: Tuesday Talk | EDUCATION w/ Laura Shepherd, Matt Wilde, Imogen Woolrich & Janan Yakula
LU Student Societies: Fame
OPEN16: Andy Holden | Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape (Live Broadcast)
OPEN16: Women in Sound | Women On Sound 2016 Forum + Exhibition: Educating Girls in Sound
WISWOS Concert: Antye Greie
Hide and Seek
ULMS Alumni Concert 2016
Kathryn Stott - Season Finale
Hear Me Roar! 2016
Tuesday Talks - Ximena Alarcon and Ron Herrema
Liebeck & Apekisheva
Tuesday Talks - Noel Clueit
LUTG presents: One Man Two Guvnors
Pioneers of Percussion
Tuesday Talk - Ania Bas
Festival of Questions: Day of Questions 2
Festival of Questions: Do Young People Stand A Chance in Modern Britain? w/ Alvin Carpio, Kirsty Finn, Roxy Legane & John Urry
Festival of Questions: Is the Internet Good for Feminism? w/ Caroline Criado-Perez, Shoshana Devora, Polly Davis & Debra Ferreday
Festival of Questions: What is the Price of the Powerhouse? w/ Geraint Johnes & Cat Smith MP
Festival of Questions: Will the Earth Outlast the Human w/ Nigel Clark, Andrew Jarvis, Bronislaw Szerszynski & Joanna Zylinska
FESTQ Fringe: Why Collaborate?w/ Caustic Coastal, Collective Artivation, East Street Arts, (It's All) Tropical & The Royal Standard
FestQFringe: Corbyn's Labour: Policy & Prospects w/ Christopher May, Gavin Hyman & Guests
FestQFringe: What roles can cinema play in post-conflict societies?
FestQFringe: What are the prospects for socialism in 2016?
Tuesday Talk - Eva Rowson
Unicorn & Filskit Theatre: Breaking The Ice
Lancaster Arts' Messy Gallery: Climate Change
FestQFringe: The Vagina MonoLancs
FestQFringe: is 'The Vagina Monologues' relevant today?
Lost in Translation Circus: The Hogwallops
Season Butler: Happiness Forgets
FestQFringe: Can Capitalism Save the Planet?
FestQFringe: What have the Unions ever done for us?
Andy Smith: The Preston Bill
Festival of Questions: The Question of International Relations
FestQFringe: Passing the Book - How is the Council dealing with the cuts?
FestQFringe: Must We Change Ourselves Before We Can Change Society?
FestQFringe: Taking On Tarmageddon and Do The Math
FestQFringe: Whole Earth Exhibition Launch
Action Hero: Extraordinary Rendition
Festival of Questions: Are We All in it Together? w/ Melissa Benn, David Kynaston, Lynsey Hanley, Shiv Malik (Day of Questions #1)
Festival of Questions: Day of Questions 1
Festival of Questions: Should We Welcome Refugees? w/ Colin Grant, David Goodhart, Homa Khaleeli (Day of Questions #1)
Festival of Questions: What are the Mainstream Media Representations of Black People Today? w/Graham Mort, Season Butler, Joy Francis, Irenosen Okojie (Day of Questions #1)
Festival of Questions: In What Ways Can Older People Challenge Loneliness? w/Katherine Froggatt, Andy Smith, Denise Nardone, Emma Rose
People Pavilion at Festival of Questions
Sarah Vanhee: Oblivion
Tania El Khoury: Gardens Speak
Festival of Questions: The War in Syria: How Should the World Respond? w/Robin Yassin-Kassab, Malu Halasa, Idress Ahmad, Simon Mabon (Day of Questions #1)
Celebrity Recital - Escher String Quartet
FestQFringe: What are the roots of conflict and sectarianism in the Middle East?
Forced Entertainment: The Notebook
Festival of Questions: Theatre Makers Summit, Who Wants The Big Stage?
Gob Squad Masterclass 2016
Proto-type Theater: A Machine they're Secretly Building
Tuesday Talks - Jessie Brennan
imitating the dog: The Train
Tuesday Talk - Ben Cain
MedSoc present Wizard of Oz
LUTG & Emma Geraghty: Cracking
Our Imperceptible Universe
Forced Entertainment: The Possible Impossible House
Keren Cytter/A.P.E.:Show Real Drama
Panic Lab: R.I.O.T.
Phoenix Dance Theatre: Mixed Programme 2015
Winter Words: Walls/Ashworth/Lambert
Tuesday Talk - Florence Peake
Double Bill: Figs in Wigs & Jamie Wood
Michael Wynne - Organ Recital
Tuesday Talk - Bad Vibes Club
LU Theatre Group: The Shadow Box
Montero & Manchester Camerata
Tuesday Talk - Ruth Barker
On Writing and Drawing: Barthes Drawing Workshop
Women in Sound- Women on Sound
Fiona Wright: How the Sun Lights the Earth
Johnson & Lill
On Writing and Drawing: Roland Barthes Symposium
Kill The Beast: He Had Hairy Hands
2Faced Dance Company: Dreaming In Code
Tuesday Talk - Andrea Patrick Byrne
Sarah Woods: The Roadless Trip
Tony Jameson: Football Manager Ruined My Life
Lancaster Debating Union - Should Tuition Fees Be Abolished?
Tuesday Talk - Sarah Kate Wilson
Keziah Serreau: Strike!
Strike! Circus Workshop
RNCM Symphony Orchestra
Strike! Director's Workshop
Tuesday Talk - Andy Holden
tutti frutti & York Theatre Royal: SnowChild
David Leddy: Horizontal Collaboration
Sunwook Kim
Quarantine presents Autumn
Tuesday Talk - Peter Matthews
M6 Theatre: Tadpoles
Rob Chapman - Psychedelia and Other Colours
Tuesday Talk - Stuart Edmundson
I Wandered...
LU Music & Performance Societies Showcase
Beardyman: Distractions
Hope and Social
Unearthed: Fine Art Degree Show 2015
Titanic's Tiles - A Journey
DIY 12: 2015 - Zierle & Carter and Christina Georgiou with Live at LICA
Thought Universe presents Sound as Being 2
The Roadless Trip - Lancaster
Leo Burtin - The Midnight Soup
The Females of the Factory: Women's contribution to Pilkington's Tiles and Pottery
OPEN15: A Decade With Mars (Artist Talk)
OPEN15: Family & Community Day
OPEN15: Homemade - Le Bistroquet
OPEN15: Week 4 - Art Centre / Your Centre
OPEN15: Wewiora Projects Talk with Q&A
OPEN15: Overview
OPEN15: Power and the Land (Meet the Artist)
OPEN15: Power and the Land (Q&A)
OPEN15: Leo Burtin - Dining With Strangers (workshop)
OPEN15: Sparrowhawk Art, Campaign Talk
OPEN15: Sparrowhawk Art Exhibition
OPEN15: Algorave
OPEN15: Network Agora
OPEN15: Week 3 - Art Centre / Network Centre
OPEN15: Guillermo Katz - To Sing
Company Chameleon: Beauty of the Beast
OPEN15: Artist Summit - Lunchtime Talk: Marthe Ramm Fortun & David Raymond Conroy
OPEN15: Artist Summit - Panel: Socially Engaged Art
OPEN15: Marthe Ramm Fortun - Artist Walk
OPEN15: Week 2 - 21st Century Artists
OPEN15: Andy Smith: The Preston Bill
OPEN15: Artist Summit - Lunchtime Talk: Laurence Payot, Andrew Gannon, Romany Dear
OPEN15: Artist Summit - Panel: What is Liveness?
Paul Muldoon - One Thousand Things Worth Knowing
OPEN15: Week 1 - Towards A 21st Century Arts Centre
OPEN15: Discussion - What is a 21st century art centre?
LU Collab presents West Side Story
Concert for Comic Relief (2015)
Thought Universe presents Sound as Being
Rajni Shah and Andy Smith
RNCM String Orchestra (2015)
LU English & Creative Writing Dept: Tim Dee
OPEN15: Artist Summit
Hear Me Roar: Sister
LUDanS present Dance Upon A Time
Mother's Ruin present Hear Me Roar
Drunken Chorus: Drunken Nights III (2015)
Hear Me Roar: A decade with Mars
Hear Me Roar: Bush Rush
Hear Me Roar: Triple Bill
Joseph Moog: Piano
Amy Sharrocks: Museum of Water (The Storey)
Water Activity Day
Clod Ensemble: The Red Chair
Walker & Thorpe: I Wish I Was Lonely
The Halle Soloists (2015)
Lancaster Debating Union: Does Austerity Work?
LU English & Creative Writing Dept: Don Paterson
The Band That Jack Built
Third Angel: The Life and Loves of a Nobody
Splendid Productions: Woyzeck
MedSoc presents Aladdin
Testing Media: Mel Brimfield
Drunken Chorus: Drunken Nights III
LUTG presents 4:48 Psychosis
Songs for Christmas
LU English & Creative Writing Dept: Monique Roffey
A Smith: Two from a smith (2014)
Candoco Dance Company: Playing Another
Celebrity Recital: Yevgeny Sudbin
LUTG Presents: The 39 Steps
Giovanni Sollima & Kathryn Stott
Graham Eatough: Double Bill
Cello Babies - Lancaster Library
Ockham's Razor. (Lancaster Castle 7/11/14)
RNCM Recital: Drucker & Lim
Ockham's Razor. (LICA Building 5/11/14)
LU English & Creative Writing: Zaffar Kunial
Imitating The Dog: A Farewell to Arms
Northern Chamber Orchestra (2014)
Lancaster Offshoots: Neverland
Shakespeare Schools Festival 2014
Jane Irwin & Julia Lynch
Daniel Bye: The Nine O'Clock News
Sea Breeze
Lancaster Singers: LU Anniversary Concert
National Youth Jazz Orchestra (2014)
Brecon Baroque
Junk Ensemble: The Falling Song
Retorica Violin Duo
Edward Bond: Jackets
More Music: Frontierland
Fidelio Trio
Gob Squad: Western Society
Cabaret Vérité
12 Degrees North: Dance Triple Bill
Juice and Tangent
Proto-Type Theater: The Good, The God and The Guillotine
Quartetto di Cremona
Flexer & Sandiland: Weightless
I Fagiolini (Strange Harmony of Love)
Stacy Makishi: The Falsettos
LUTG Presents: Sweeney Todd
Simón Bolívar String Quartet
Laila Diallo: Hold Everything Dear
Julian Joseph Trio
Stan's Cafe: The Anatomy of Melancholy
Every House Has A Door: Testimonium
Manchester Camerata: Serious Cabaret
Clara Mouriz & Joseph Middleton
Company Chameleon: Double Bill
Lawrence Power & Simon Crawford-Phillips
Helios Theater: H20
Celebrity Recital: Pascal Rogé
Zoo Indigo: Double Bill
Tim Crouch: I, Malvolio
Chetham's Symphony Orchestra (2013)
Tim Crouch & a smith
Forced Entertainment: Tomorrow's Parties
Ashleigh Griffith: We Were Never Here
Sea Breeze
In May
Curate the Campus 2013: Paul Muldoon
Tine Thing Helseth with Kathryn Stott
Lancashire Sinfonietta: Wunderkind
Celebrity Recital: Gabriela Montero
Dance Cuts Showcase 2013
Manchester Chamber Choir
Candoco Dance: Turning 20
Michael Pinchbeck: The Beginning
Fevered Sleep: Above Me The Wide Blue Sky
Bardolino with Skampa String Quartet
LICA: Three Postmodern Pieces
Matthew Barley: The Sacred Cello
Hetain Patel: Be Like Water
Beats & Pieces Big Band
Two from a smith
Pete Moser: 24 Hours in a Tower
Imitating the Dog: The Zero Hour
Xinowa Sej
Burrows and Fargion: Counting to One Hundred and One Flute Note
Calaita Flamenco Son
Rajni Shah Projects: Glorious
Opera North with Howard Shelley
The Paper Cinema: Odyssey
12 Degrees North: Triple Bill
Fitkin Band
LUTG Presents: Spring Awakening
Vincent Dance Theatre: Motherland
Ridiculusmus: Total Football
Transpennie Triple Jam
Donohoe & Roscoe Duo
Company Chameleon: Gameshow
Manchester Camerata Ensemble (2012)
Forced Entertainment: The Coming Storm
Nikolai Demidenko: Piano
Ockham's Razor: Not Until We Are Lost
Litfest: All Day Prose Shindig
Litfest: All Day Poetry Shindig
Litfest present: John Hegley
Ludus: Dance Technique Class (2012)
Invisible Flock: Sand Pilot
Elfriede Jelinek: Sports Play
SYMPOSIUM: Getting It Out There
The Quiet Volume (Curate the Campus 2012)
Franko B: Because of Love (Curate the Campus 2012)
Xuefei Yang & Lancashire Sinfonietta
Pike, Stott & Doric String Quartet
Mark Padmore & Andrew West
Mandy Romero: Stevenage
Fevered Sleep: The Forest
Brodsky Quartet
LICA Students: Post/Modern Dance Pieces
Salome With Sound Affairs
Foden’s Brass Band
Sleepwalk Collective: Sirens
Donna Rutherford: Kin
Donna Rutherford: WORKSHOP
Apollo Saxophone Quartet
Protein Dance: LOL (Lots of Love)
Maelstrom Dance: Ballast
Manchester Camerata Ensemble
New Art Club: Quiet Act of Destruction
New to the Collection: Rachel Goodyear
Was I there?
LUTG: Macbeth
LUTG present: Woyzeck
Burrows and Fargion: Cheap Lecture and The Cow Piece
Sector 7
The Schubert Ensemble
Action Hero: Front Man with Juneau Brothers
Was I there? Exhibition Launch
The Girl with Three Harps: Ruth Wall
Ben Wright: The Lessening of Difference
Franko B: Someone to Love
Reckless Sleepers: Schrodinger
The End of the Affair: Amanda Roocroft
Chris Watson
Chroma Chamber Ensemble: Earth
The Featherstonehaughs: Egon Schiele
The Featherstonehaughs: Edits
Martin Roscoe: Piano
Quarantine: Entitled
Chetham's Symphony Orchestra
Company Chameleon: Kith/Kin
Franko B & Rachel Goodyear Exhibition Launch
Proto-Type Theater: Fortnight
An Evening with Jon Ronson
Ockham's Razor: Summer School
Curate the Campus: A Live at LICA Pilot Project
Curate the Campus : Be.Somewhere.Now
Curate the Campus: Becoming an Image by Manuel Vason
Curate the Campus : Rebecca Chesney residency
Curate the Campus: Running on Air by Laura Mugridge
Curate the Campus : 24 Hours in a Tower
Curate the Campus: After the Beep by Invisible Flock
Curate the Campus : The Wheel House by Acrojou
Valeriy Sokolov (Violin) & Kathryn Stott (Piano)
Making Time Symposium
National Youth Jazz Orchestra
Yael Flexer & Nic Sandiland: The Living Room
MUST The Inside Story
Peggy Shaw Masterclass
Benji Reid: The Devil Has Quentin's Heart
Benji Reid Masterclass
Rainer Hersch: All Classical Music Explained
Candoco Dance Company: Renditions
Natalie Clein (Cello) & Katya Apekisheva (Piano)
Drunken Chorus: And Hell Followed With Them
Xuefei Yang: Forty Degrees North
Manchester Camerata Ensemble: Transfigured Night
Bryony Kimmings: Sex Idiot
Fretwork: The Silken Tent
Upswing aerial masterclass
Upswing: Fallen
Grand Union Orchestra: Bengal Tiger, Shanghai Dragon
Mahan Esfahani (Harpsichord)
Nutcracker Miniatures
Halle Youth Choir
Pete Edwards: FAT
Psappha (Autumn 2010)
Lancashire Sinfonietta (Autumn 2010)
Rouge28 Theatre: Urashima Taro
Ockhams Razor: The Mill
Sankalpam: Corpo-realities
Endellion String Quartet & Wendy Cope
Hetain Patel: TEN
Levantes Dance Theatre: Room Temperature Romance
Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio
Inspector Sands: If That's All There Is
Ludus Dance: Consequences
Carol Ann Duffy at Lancaster Literature Festival
Forced Entertainment: The Thrill Of It All
Dance3 Triple Bill
Lone Twin Theatre: The Catastrophe Trilogy
Curious: The Moment I Saw You I Knew I Could Love You
Ludus Dance: Dance Cuts 2010
Conversations with the Collection
Psappha presents Trouble in Tahiti
Adrian Brendel: Bach Cello Suites 2
Doric String Quartet with Alasdair Beaton
Lemn Sissay: Why I Don't Hate White People
Julian Fox: You've Got To Love Dancing To Stick To It
Paul Lewis - piano
Cupola Bobber: Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me
Manchester Camerata Ensemble with Benjamin Frith piano
Proto-type: Third Person (redux)
Sinfonia ViVA with Alexander Shelley and Clara Mouriz
Vincent Dance Theatre: If We Go On
Experimentality: Photography Competition and Exhibition
O Duo with Morgan Szymanski guitar
Random People: Versions 1-5
Nic Green: Trilogy
Elias String Quartet with Alice Neary cello
Retina Dance: Masterclass
Retina Dance Company: Antipode
Dances in Disguise: Psappha
Navarra & Sacconi String Quartets
Looking Aside
New Art Club: Masterclass
New Art Club: Extra Ordinary World
Tim Crouch and Hannah Ringham: ENGLAND
Quarantine: Make-believe
Quarantine: Masterclass
LICA Students: A Night To Remember
Michael Pinchbeck & Simon Bowes: A Family Double Bill
FutureEverything: Environment 2.0
Ridiculusmus: Masterclass
Ridiculusmus: Tough Time, Nice Time
A2 Company: The Future of Death /part 5 (performance)
Oliver Bray: Villa
Quarantine: The Soldier's Song
A2 : The Future of Death / part 5 Workshops
Mem Morrison: Ringside
Shakespeare Schools Festival: We Are Such Stuff...
Faulty Optic: Fish Clay Perspex
Faulty Optic: Masterclass
2009 Season Launch Event
Rajni Shah : (it's going to be) Glorious!
Nuffield Artists Summer School 2009 (Talking Birds)
Blind Summit: Low Life
Vanessa: Look Mummy, I'm Dancing
imitating the dog: Kellerman
Quarantine: The Soldier's Song
Proto-type Theater: Virtuoso (working title) World Premiere
Maysles Films: Grey Gardens
Neil Callaghan: From Where I'm Standing
Reckless Sleepers: The Last Supper
Weeding Cane: Song of Songs
Plungeboom: The Vegetable Nannies
Steve Reich Symposium and Concert
Candoco Dance Company: Still and The Perfect Human
Candoco Masterclass 2009
Hauser: I Made You A Submarine
Tim Etchells & Jim Fletcher: Sight is the Sense...
Live Art North West Showcase: In Transit 3
The Strange Names Collective: The Gratitude of Monsters
Talking Birds: Trevor Goose and his Dark Night of Lights
Reckless Sleepers: The Pilots
Rajni Shah: Dinner With America
Rajni Shah: Give What You Can, Take What You Need
Lancaster University Theatre Studies: LA SeCluedo
Gob Squad's Kitchen
Gob Squad: Masterclass 2008
1927: Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Apples and Snakes: Speechless
Forced Entertainment: Spectacular
Shakespeare Schools Festival: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Lone Twin Masterclass 2008
Lone Twin Theatre: Daniel Hit By A Train
Station House Opera: Mind Out
Nuffield Summer School with Cupola Bobber (2008)
Ockham's Razor: Arc / Every Action / Memento Mori
Precarious: Druthers
Ludus Dance: Dance Cuts 2008
Gravity and Levity: Shift
Nuff Said By the Sea
Live Art North West: In Transit
Goat Island: Lastness, raiding the archive, and pedagogical practices
Goat Island: The Lastmaker
Vincent Dance Theatre: Act One
Abattoir Ferme: Tourniquet
Maresa von Stockert-Tilted Productions: Glacier
Double Bill: Neil & Simone with Augusto Corrieri
Lancaster University Theatre Studies: Cast Out
These Horses: Take it Home
Victoria present Miet Warlop: Propositions 1 & 2
Cupola Bobber: The Man Who Pictured Space From His Apartment
Tim Crouch: An Oak Tree
Lancaster University Theatre Studies: Stranger Than Kindness
Hofesh Shechter: deGENERATION Triple Bill
Rajni Shah: Mr Quiver
The Be(A)st of Taylor Mac
Malika Booker: Unplanned
Rosie Dennis: Hitting a Brick Wall and Access All Areas
After Dubrovka
Company Fierce and Quarantine: Susan & Darren
Ludus Dance: Dance Cuts 2006
Obstacles to Coming Home / hidden thread
LANWest Triple Bill: Greg Foster, Jo Docherty, Sophia Di Martino
Lone Twin Theatre: Alice Bell
Reckless Sleepers: Spanish Train
Uninvited Guests: It Is Like It Ought To Be: A Pastoral
Forced Entertainment: The World in Pictures
Thalidomide!! A Musical
Walker Dance Park Music: 5 2 10
imitating the dog: Hotel Methuselah
Chetham's Symphony Orchestra (2016)
Lancaster Debating Union - Should You Call Yourself A Feminist?
These Hills Are Ours by Daniel Bye and Boff Whalley