Live Art North West Showcase: In Transit 3

Live Art North West Showcase: In Transit 3


This is the third year that we have supported In Transit, a touring project presenting work from the next generation of boundary pushers working in live art and contemporary theatre in the North West.

6pm, Leentje van de Cruys – The Best Party Ever

The Best Party Ever is an intimate performance for 30 people (pre-booking essential) featuring Anita, the alter-ego of Belgian actress Leentje Van de Cruys. The show is a funny and unusual take on what it's like to be alone in a strange country.

8pm, Krissi Musiol - Making A Big Deal

Part confessional, part gin-fuelled, all singing, all dancing crap cabaret. Self confessed gambling enthusiast Crystal Wineglass tells tall tales of Las Vegas, casinos and Rihanna.

8pm, Chris Fitzsimmons and Interruptors - Past Indefinite

Someone once said that dressing up as the Pink Panther and talking about yourself smacked of self-indulgence and arrogance. If this is true, then Chris Fitzsimmons is in deep, deep trouble.

Tuesday 3 February 2009 @ 6pm