Zuppa Theatre: This is Nowhere

Zuppa Theatre: This is Nowhere

Lancaster Arts and Zuppa Theatre Company from Canada are collaborating to present a site-specific outdoor show in Morecambe in the summer of 2023.

Three members of the Zuppa team will be in Morecambe and Lancaster from 6 - 18 June 2022 auditioning for the UK premiere of This is Nowhere picking up from their previous site visit in October 2021.

This is Nowhere is a free public performance about a town's past, present and future. The streets, buildings, nooks and crannies of Morecambe are the stage, and each audience member is sent on a solitary journey through the city's streets and buildings. Guided by a phone app, they find hidden performances: maybe a conversation overheard in a restaurant, a one-on-one chat with a character, or an interaction that they watch through the window of a building. Sometimes it will be very clear what to look at or listen to. Other times, it will be hard to tell where the show ends and real life begins.

Lancaster Arts is so excited to be co-producing this amazing event with Canada's acclaimed Zuppa Theatre Company and award-winning writer Kate Cayley. Find out more via Alex's blog here.

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