Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze


Drawing on research and stories gathered from the Winter Gardens' past workers, Sea Breeze is a response to one of Morecambe’s most loved and iconic buildings.

This is not a theatre any more.

This will always be a theatre.

Settling snugly between the fell land and the salty salty sea, this old building sits here still. We are searching for stories in the bones of its beams and its rivets and its rafters; from a man who sold the tickets and a girl who swept them up. We hide out at night in the lungs of this building, this sleeping giant, this giant beached whale, and we are catching its breaths as they shiver the dust. And every one sings its own story; "oh the land, oh the sea; oh the things we have seen".

Drawing on research in the Winter Gardens, and on stories gathered from its past workers, Sea Breeze is a spectacular and poetic response to one of Morecambe’s most loved and iconic landmarks. Using soundscape, voices and extraordinary architectural projection, Sea Breeze will breathe new life into the dry bones of an old seaside theatre, exploring themes of memory, decay and what it means to survive.

Sea Breeze will lead to an exhibition in the Peter Scott Gallery from October 2013, made up of found objects from the Winter Garden's past.

Sea Breeze is a Raisin & Willow* project commissioned by Live at LICA, made in collaboration with imitating the dog, and produced by Alice Booth (Creative Producer, Live at LICA).

*creators of the Live at LICA Making Time Garden on the Lancaster University campus, 2010/11.

Raisin & Willow are collecting stories about the life of the Winter Gardens in the lead up to this performance.  See here for more information.


Telephone Bookings

If you wish to book tickets in person / over the phone please call the Morecambe VIC Centre on (01524) 582808.  The Live at LICA box office is closed until Monday 2nd September.