Disruption: LICA Festival 2023 Friday Ticket

Disruption: LICA Festival 2023 Friday Ticket

This ticket gives you access to all Disruption: LICA Festival 2023 Theatre shows on the Friday of the festival:

5.00pm      Fishtank – Duration 45 mins

7.00pm     Un/Tethered – Duration 35 mins

8.30pm   WASTED - Duration 60 mins

These three shows are the culmination of the Lancaster University undergraduate degree programme in Theatre.  The programme develops intelligent and able creatives who can explore contemporary issues in ways that engage, excite and challenge audiences. As is so often the case, the three shows created this year involve very different approaches to performance. Fishtank enmeshes sophisticated video technology with live performance quoting sitcom acting; Un/Tethered weaves together autobiographical speech, heightened gesture and contemporary choreography; WASTED blends psychologically charged text-based acting and an original shoegaze soundtrack played live.


Fishtank deconstructs the 90s sitcom. A TV director has a very strong view of what sells and increasingly treats the female actors on set as sexual objects. After all, he insists, it’s part of their contract. But these women have other ideas …


Combining autobiographical text and contemporary dance, Un/Tethered unravels the pitfalls and possibilities of femme-presenting people today.  With searing passion and honesty, the show rips apart a world in which women are simultaneously hypersexualised and marginalised.  This, though, is as liberating as it is tumultuous, untethering the potential of femme friendship, solidarity and joy.


Ted, Charlotte, Danny and Tony have been friends since forever ─ but when Tony dies from an overdose at 15, the rest can’t cope. They get “knee-deep into the weekend”, partying hard, denying their grief.

Munted, unprotected, complicated, deflated, disconnected, underappreciated, hated, hallucinated, fixated. Wasted.


Content warnings.  All three shows will include some or all the following: references to misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, sex, depression, suicide and death; sexual imagery; depictions of physical assault; profanity and swearing; simulation of drug, substance and alcohol abuse; live vaping; loud noises, a smoke machine, and flashing lights.